University of Oregon
[v. 1] American architecture - North & West -- [v. 2] American architecture - South -- [v. 3] England -- [v. 4] Scotland and the Irish Free State -- [v. 5] France -- [v. 6] Europe (not including France and Great Britain) -- [v. 7] Egypt from the Mediterranean to Dendereh -- [v. 8] Egypt - Luxor to Abu Simbel. The Sudan - Wady Halfa and the 2d Cataract -- [v. 9] The Levant (except Egypt) and the Near East -- [v. 10] Aden, India, Burma, Ceylon -- [v. 11] Penang to Peking -- [v. 12] Japan
Arizona Historical Society - Library and Archives
Photographs of National parks and monuments in the 1930s including scenic vistas, a campout in Canyon de Chelly, a mule ride at the Grand Canyon, and a dinosaur excavation at the Painted Desert. There are photographs from other states including Alaska, as well as images of buffalo, gila monsters, owls and other animals, desert plants and historical monuments. 1930s photographs are present of Fort Lowell, Fort Bowie, and Fort Mohave and the Arizona Territorial Prison in Yuma. Historical places also include the ruins of the Oro Blanco mining camp. There are images of San Xavier del Bac, Tumacacori excavations, Guevavi, San Agustin, and other missions as well as the prehistoric ruins of Montezuma's Castle, Casa Grande, Wupatki, and others
Arizona Historical Society - Library and Archives
Correspondence, publications, newsclippings, scrapbooks and photographs primarily from the Southern Arizona School for Boys, a private boarding school in Tucson from the 1930s to the 1970s. There are newsclippings and publicity for Fenster School and other private schools in Tucson, and school newsletters, 1975-1978, relate to Fenster School. The majority of the collection consists of scrapbooks and photographs of student activities at the Southern Arizona School for Boys. These include images of outdoor classes, sports, an archeological dig, the rifle range, class pictures and team pictures, and activities such as building go-carts, horseshoes, fencing, polo, swimming at Sabino Canyon, and dramatic productions. Many images are hand-colored for publicity use
Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Trustees for Harvard University
This collection contains fieldwork records and papers produced by the staff of the Byzantine Institute and Dumbarton Oaks, as well as Thomas Whittemore and Paul Underwood, between the 1920s and 2000s. It is comprised of correspondence, minutes, financial records, logbooks, fieldwork notebooks, research notes, ground plans, maps, oversize drawings, tracings, paintings, photographs, films, newspaper clippings, and publication materials. The bulk of the collection spans the decades between the 1930s and 1980s, with the largest portion of materials relating to projects conducted at Hagia Sophia and Kariye Camii in Istanbul, as well as later projects in Turkey, Cyprus, and present-day Macedonia. The arrangement of this collection illustrates the early operations and development of the Byzantine Institute through Thomas Whittemore's death in 1950, the Institute's dissolution in 1962, and the fieldwork operations supported by Dumbarton Oaks from the 1960s to 2000s. It also captures the ... Read More
Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Trustees for Harvard University
This collection contains papers, photographs, and drawings dating from the 1910s through the early 1930s that relate to excavation projects conducted in Egypt and Bulgaria. The materials include excavation reports, fieldwork and research notes, transcriptions from publications, translations of texts, citations, and correspondence, as well as rubbings, drawings, watercolor paintings, and photographs. While a portion of the collection reflects original observations made in the field, the majority of the archival materials consist of the research materials and pre-publication drafts created by Thomas Whittemore and his affiliates at the Byzantine Institute. Documents from the Egypt series record excavation projects that were conducted by the Egypt Exploration Society (formerly, the Egypt Exploration Fund) at Abydos and Amarna in the 1910s and 1920s. This series consists of manuscripts and draft reports by various authors, transcriptions from scholarly publications, notes, and ... Read More
Bucks County Historical Society
Faculty member, Bucks County Community College, Newtown, Pa
Thomas Balch Library
The collection consists of archeological investigations of properties under consideration as sites for new public school facilities in Loudoun County. One report is a history of desegregation in Loudoun County Public Schools and, in particular, Douglass Elementary School. The reports were commissioned by Loudoun County Public Schools, consultants, or developers. The reports are organized chronologically. When possible, the name of the school built (or to-be-built) on the site has been included. The collection also contains a USB drive with electronic copies of the reports
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Occasional correspondence and photocopies of clippings, arranged chronologically, relating to Charles Towne Landing, including the purchase of a plantation, which was the site of the original settlement, by the state, archeological digs, construction of exhibits, and its opening in 1970 as part of the South Carolina tricentennial celebration. Includes other clippings relating to the tricentennial celebration
Getty Research Institute
The archive contains over 400 photographs and drawings depicting the archaeological sites and monuments of Greece and Turkey including 27 works on paper that reconstruct excavated ruins
American Museum of Natural History
Press slides of artifacts and excavation sites for the temporary exhibition The Chaco Phenomenon, held at the American Museum of Natural History, 1987. Includes excavated kivas at Pueblo Bonito, aerial views of Chacoan site known as Aztec Ruin, and various objects. Also includes a photograph of some of the early explorers from the Hyde Expedition, 1896-1900


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