Youngstown State University - William F. Maag Jr. Library
The collection covers the presidencies of John Coffelt, Neil Humphrey, and Leslie Cochran during the years 1976-1997. Series I contains the Annual budget reports ranging in date from 1977-1978, 1992-1993, and 1994-1997. Series II covers the operating budget for the years 1981-1994. Series III contains the Youngstown State University auxiliary enterprises annual budget and salary working papers from 1974-1975 and 1978-1979. The Auxiliary report covers the income and expenditures of Intercollegiate athletics, Bookstore, Kilcawley Center, Kilcawley Residence Hall, and Parking facilities. Series IV involves the Salary working papers for the years 1976-1986. Series V includes an external audit report for the year 1993. Series VI contains the Resource analysis reports for years 1981-1984. The reports for each year are contained in two separate folders for parts 1 and 2 due the length of the report. Series VII contains various publications from the Budget Office which include the Student ... Read More
The University of Queensland Library
Collection made by Ian Hinckfuss as the representative for the Queensland Council of State School Organisations. C.O.P.S.E. functioned from Jul 1977 to Apr 1978. Includes meeting minutes, reports, letters, articles, publicity material, statement of aims, and photocopied newspaper clippings on social issues
US Army Heritage and Education Center
The Joseph Howell letter consists of one letter dated 18 November 1793 to James Morris of New York advising him that the accounts of the State of New York against the United States have been deposited with a board of commissioners who had sent them to the comptroller of the United States, Oliver Wolcott
University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
The Massachusetts Bay (Colony) Treasury accounts contain records of expenditures by the Colony between May 1698 and May 1699
Cornell University Libraries
Letter mentions invoices for the supplies being carried in the wagons for the treaty. Mention of an enclosed letter, not present, to Lieutenant Devin, instructing him to include a small package from Major Cushing with the wagons
Cornell University Libraries
Documents, letters, clippings, manuscripts, and bound manuscripts documenting the history and administration of the French government and the French army from 1788-1815, with a few earlier or later items ranging in date from 1668-1868. Government documents and related items include official letters of complaint written to the king by the nobles of Brittany and by the three estates in the Dauphiné province in 1788; minutes of meetings of the Assemblée Nationale Constituante from 1790-1791; two manuscript drafts of Gracchus Babeuf's Cadastre Perpetuel, dated 1789; decrees and minutes of meetings by the Convention Nationale, 1792-1795; letters from individual citizens to various government officials petitioning for restoration of positions, personal property, or pensions lost during the Revolution; passports; and letters to and from various government bodies, especially the Ministère des Finances, Ministère de la Guerre, Conseil d'Etat, Directoire Exécutif, Garde Nationale, ... Read More
Montgomery County Public Libraries
These materials were produced by or at the request of the County Executive and his staff -- Materials include several County Annual Reports for the years between 1971 and 1990, and also contain information relating to planning and growth, social services, solid waste management, water supply and sewer plans and services, resource conservation, budgets, and personnel
Cornell University Libraries
Business papers of Miller include correspondence; briefs, printed case reports, and other lagal papers; mimeographed and printed copies of speeches and articles by Miller and others; statistics, bulletins, press releases, newspaper clippings, and much other printed material; and miscellaneous papers. The papers pertain to accounting, finances, taxation on cooperatives, anti-trust laws, contracts, cost of milk production, economic conditions, marketing agreements, milk strikes, national defense, national political platforms and conventions, rural credit, tariffs, uniform milk ordinances, nitrates (Muscle Shoals, Alabama), Danish cooperatives; farm legislation, including the McFadden Rural Credit Bill, McNary Haugen Bill, and milk bonding legislation and other matters. Correspondents include Howard E. Babcock, E.M. Bailey, Ezra Taft Banson, Senator John J. Blaine, Homer L. Brinkley, Edward R. Eastman, D.N. Geyer, L.E. Griffing, Charles W. Holman, A.M. Loomis, H.C. McKenzie, C.O. Moser, ... Read More
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
General journal of city receipts and expenditures -- Also included are city budgets, 1936-1956
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Contains the date and number of the order, to whom it was issued, for what purposes, amount, when cancelled, "bounty," and related information concerning such matters as soldiers' relief, county poor, jail expenses, and attorney's fees


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