School of The Art Institute of Chicago - John M. Flaxman Library
Getty Research Institute
This collection of 420 letters, with a few manuscripts and clippings details Hausmann's life in exile and chronicles his professional activities from 1945-1971, with most letters dating to the 1960s. Letters with artists, writers, dealers, critics and publishers contain detailed accounts of the original artists of Berlin Dada, including arguments over the interpretation and importance of various artists (including Hannah Höch, John Heartfield) and works within the Dada movement. Hausmann refers frequently to his work in phonetic poetry and other of his "inventions." Letters also contain discussions of post-war art movements and political events
Museum of Modern Art
These papers comprise a portion of the Gilbert and Lila Silverman Fluxus Collection (the rest of the collection is housed with the Department of Prints and Illustrated Books and the Museum's Library). The Silverman Collection was built and organized by scholar Jon Hendricks starting c. 1977, working with collectors Gilbert and Lila Silverman. It grew into one of the world's largest collection of artwork, documentation, and published materials related to Fluxus, an international network of artists based primarily in New York in the 1960s and '70s, and particularly its founder, George Maciunas (1931-1978). These papers contain documentation, artifacts, and artworks gathered by Hendricks for the Collection, as well as the administrative records produced in the process. The collected records include correspondence between artists, ephemera, documentation of Fluxus plans and events, as well as much material from the studio/estate of George Maciunas. The created records include ... Read More
New York University Libraries
Patty Mucha (Patricia Muschinski) was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 26, 1935. She and Claes Oldenburg were married in 1960 and divorced in 1970. Mucha appeared in Oldenburg films made by Rudy Wurlitzer and Robert Breer, as well as in films by Jean Dupuy, Rudy Burckhardt, Andy Warhol and Red Grooms. She also participated in the Happenings of Jim Dine, Robert Whitman, Dick Higgins, Alex Hay, Steve Paxton, Simone Forti, and Sally Gross. The Patty Mucha Papers include artwork, correspondence, ephemera, and manuscripts from artists, poets, dancers, and performers active in the New York City art world during the Pop Art, Happenings, E.A.T., Yippies, and Punk Movements in the 1960s and 1970s
New York Public Library
Collection consists of objects, text scores, correspondence art, gallery announcements, concert programs, posters and other items produced by and/or relating to the Fluxus group of artists, ca. 1958-1987 -- Highlights include: multiple edition Fluxus objects, e.g. George Brecht's Water yam, 1963, Robert Watts' Events, 1964, Joseph Beuys' Zwei Fräulein mit leuchtendem Brot, 1966, and Yoko Ono's A box of smile, signed in 1984; complete set of the Fluxus in-house newspaper, V TRE, 1963-1978; posters from Charlotte Moorman's Annual New York Avant-Garde Festivals, 1964-1980; signed performance poems and "text-sound texts" by Jackson Mac Low; performance programs from La Monte Young and Yoko Ono's Chamber Street Loft Series, ca. 1961-1962. Many items are inscribed to the collector, Ellsworth Snyder
Ohio State University
Collection consists of four groups of cards, several hundred in all, from the Emily Harvey Gallery exhibit, gathered by Mark Bloch, Tamara Wyndham, Steve Dalachinsky, and Keith Buchholz; a printout of the blog for that exhibit - - and for the Queens Museum of Art exhibit; correspondence about the collection, and other material
Ohio State University
Robin Crozier, 1936-2001, an English polyartist, was active as a mail artist, visual poet, word artist, graphic artist, Fluxus artist, and collaborator. This collection includes examples of all of these activities in the form of publications, artists' books, and other materials
Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art
The materials, almost entirely printed matter, consist of exhibition catalogues, announcements, books, pamphlets, newsletters, flyers, broadsides, calendar, prospectus cards, clippings, and posters generated by central and orbital figures associated with Fluxus: Allan Kaprow, Charlotte Moorman, Dick Higgins, Ray Johnson, George Maciunas, Peter Moore, and Richard Kostelanetz
Northwestern University
The Carl Weissner Archive consists of correspondence, tapes of poetry readings, manuscripts and graphic materials by international avantgarde writers of the 1960s, and some monographs and serials related to these authors. Included are works by such authors as William Burroughs, Harold Norse, Ezra Pound, Charles Bukowski, Claude Pélieu, Mary Beach, Dan Georgakas, Donatella Manganotti, and Jan Herman, as well as Carl Weissner himself. Many of these artists were part of the Fluxus movement.
Northwestern University
The Jan Herman Archive consists of the files of the NOVA Broadcast Press which published San Francisco Earthquake (1967 1969), a little magazine featuring avant-garde writers and concrete and beat generation poets of the 1960s. Many of them were connected with Fluxus. Included are correspondence, manuscripts, graphics, and photocollages by such authors as Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs, Henri Chopin, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Walter Lowenfels, Claude Pelieu, Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles, and Carl Weissner, as well as a significant amount of Herman's own work. Herman edited Dick Higgins's Something Else Press publications for a few years as well, so some correspondence relates to those publications. Thefinancial records of the NOVA Broadcast Press and the production files for San Francisco Earthquake are kept separate from the general files. There is also a collection of 8mm films,tapes, slides, and computer tapes. Monographs and serials in the archive have been ... Read More


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