Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Chiefly minutes of board and membership meetings. Includes material relating to the society's women's group, Frauen Verein
Columbia University
The collection is composed of the personal papers--correspondence, manuscripts, documents, newspaper clippings, diaries, scrapbooks, memorabilia, photographs and books--of Hubert H. Harrison, an early 20th century African American activist, orator, writer, intellectual, and editor. The papers range from his early years in the United States to his death in 1927
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Typewritten and annotated bibliography on the Freie Gemeinde in the library of the Free Congregation at Sauk City, Wis., prepared by Berenice Cooper
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Records of a German congregation of the Freie Gemeinde movement, which became English-speaking in the 1930s and affiliated with the Unitarian Church in 1955. Includes minutes of membership and executive committee meetings, records of the Ladies Aid, Education, Theater, and Choral societies, lectures, pamphlets, photographs, and miscellaneous records
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
The collection consists of letters, manuscripts (including 1 volume and 2 volumes of diaries) and documents related to the blasphemy and libel trials of Richard Carlile, Jane Carlile, and Mary Anne Carlile. Other topics in the collection include the liberty of the press in Great Britain, Carlile's religious views, and prison conditions in Great Britain
State Historical Society of Iowa
Abner Kneeland was a pioneer evangelist and Baptist minister who converted to Universalism. As a Universalist preacher he served several congregations before he embraced the skeptical religious ideas of utopian industrialist Robert Owen. In the years that followed his free thinking ideas offended the Universalists and in 1833 he was accused of being an atheist and charged with blasphemy. He served 60 days in a Boston jail for the blasphemy offense, the last man in the United States for be jailed for blasphemy. After leaving jail Kneeland moved to Iowa to found a small utopian community called Salubria which ceased to exist shortly after his death
Drew University - Rose Memorial Library
[1] Truths for the Times. 2d ed. The Index Tracts, no. 1 / Abbot, Francis E. -- [2] Humanity's Gain from Unbelief, and, Blessed Hunger, a Sermon / Acton, John H. -- [3] Self-contradictions of the Bible. 144 Propositions, Theological, Moral, Historical, and Speculative; Each Proved Affirmatively and Negatively By Quotations from Scripture; Without Comment. Embodying Most of the Palpable and Striking Self-contradictions of the So-called Inspired Word of God. 7th ed. / [Burr, William Henry] -- [4] Thomas Paine Was Junius / Burr, William Henry -- [5] Letters to a Skeptic. Reprinted from the 'Christian Baptist' / Campbell, A. -- [6] Analysis of the Rev. Dr. West's Lectures and Arguments Against Infidelity and Other False Theories; to which Are Appended Testimonials of Approval / Canfield, R. -- [7] Good Sense; or, the Religion of Christ Is the Religion of Reason. An Infidel's Plea for Christianity / Clark, C.M. -- [8] Common Sense Against Infidelity / Crozier, R.H. -- [9] The Demands of ... Read More
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
This collection contains 324 booklets from the Little Blue Book and related series published by the Haldeman-Julius Company of Girard, Kansas. The collection includes booklets dating from 1921 to 1943, with the bulk dating from the 1920s. The titles in the collection range from reprints of literary classics by authors such as ancient Greek tragedians, William Shakespeare, and Ralph Waldo Emerson to contemporary writings by geologist Carroll Lane Fenton, historian Will Durant. More than 150 authors are represented and the booklets often focus on topics such as free thought, philosophy, religion, evolution, natural history, biographies of scientists and historical figures, and guides and essays about philosophers and authors. The booklets are primarily identified as part of the "Little Blue Book" series on the front cover, but there are some titles from the Five cent pocket series; the Ten Cent pocket series; the Appeal pocket series; and the Pocket series
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
This collection contains 81 booklets from the Big Blue Book series edited by American social reformer and writer E. Haldeman-Julius and published by the Haldeman-Julius Company of Girard, Kansas. The collection includes booklets dating from 1927 to 1951, with the bulk from 1947 to 1951. The titles in the collection are primarily on topics related to free thought, superstition, humanism, religion, sex, psychology, health, relationships, self-improvement, and history. More than thirty different authors are represented, including a number by sexologist Dr. David O. Cauldwell and freethought writer Joseph McCabe
University of Michigan Libraries
Collection consists of correspondence from freethinkers, individualist anarchists and religious and political figures such as Horatio Dresser, Leonard D. Abbott, Reginald John Campbell, Lady Florence Dixie, Herman Kuehn, Jo and Laurance Labadie, George Schumm, and Henry wood, to name a few. Also included are seven poems, a book of handwritten poetry, one book, and a manuscript of Lloyd's autobiography The Story of My Own Life, photographs, newspaper clippings, keepsakes including a bookmark and poem, an advertisement for Lloyd's book Wind-Harp Songs and a submission for a poem titles "The Wreckage.".


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