California State University, Dominguez Hills - Department of Archives and Special Collections
Small collection of records of the California State University Foundation. Includes development award materials, brochures, pamphlets, news releases, and celebration of teaching programs.
Senator John Heinz History Center
The photographs include images related to the UJF-supported activities in Pittsburgh, stock photos of life in Israel; and UJF activities in Pittsburgh
Minuteman Library Network
Collection consists of newsletters and brochures
Chicago Symphony Orchestra-- Rosenthal Archives
Correspondence, memoranda, legal documents, photographic prints and negatives, invitations and other print material, and reports relating to the fund raising activities of the orchestra -- The records supplement financial data with specific profiles on individual and corporate donors, trustees and governing members, and their gifts and bequests. Correspondence within this group frequently details composer commissions, special projects, instrument purchases, and major capital campaigns. As event planning is a major function of this department, photographs of events and publicity for and about the events make up a large portion of the collection. Other entities represented include the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Associates, the Women's Association of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Junior Governing Board of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Business and Professional Association of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Chicago Symphony Society, and the Governing Members
McLean County Museum of History
Contains numerous pieces of handwritten correspondence from Marjorie Taylor to her mother Mrs. Roy (Elizabeth) Baker and her daughter, Kristie (1965, and Aug. to Dec. 1966; Jan. to Mar. 1967); five pieces of handwritten correspondence from Mrs. William Wetherall, Vicksburg, Mich. to her mother Mrs. Roy Baker (Bloomington, Ill.) (1966-1967); three pieces of handwritten correspondence from T. Rueger, Grovetown, Ga. (granddaughter, Charlotte, to Mrs. Elizabeth Baker (1965)); two handwritten pieces of corerspondence from Mrs. Gerald Harrison (nee Marjorie Taylor), in Kalamazoo, Mich., to her mother, Mrs. Baker, and girls (1974); miscellaneous correspondence including a postcard (1965) mailed in New York to Christy Baker, sender unknown; an envelope from McLean County Tuberculosis Society, supposedly soliciting funds; proof that Elizabeth Baker, of Bloomington, Ill., mailed sewing supplies to daughter, Marjorie Taylor, at Kalamazoo State Hospital on 6 Nov. 1965; and proof that payment was ... Read More
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence and reports of bishops of the Diocese of Springfield, clergy, lay officers, and others, relating to finances, fund raising, and the foundation's work with faculty and students; publications, photos; programs; clippings; and other materials. Includes two rolls of plans of the Episcopal campus church, St. John's Chapel (Champaign, 1925-1926) and two of the Canterbury House student foundation (Champaign, 1966) and proposed completion of the chapel (1967)
Federal Hall National Memorial, Manhattan Sites
Materials relating to the Chester A. Arthur Statue Committee's quest to raise funds for the erection of a statue to honor President Chester A. Arthur -- Includes form letters sent to prominent men of the area, nominating them to the committee, and their return responses, letters from contributors and members of the committee, and cards used to record the name of contributor and amount donated
Federal Hall National Memorial, Manhattan Sites
Materials created by the Grant Monument Association in performance of their mission to raise funds for the erection and maintenance of the tomb in which Ulysses S. Grant and his wife Julia Dent Grant were laid to rest -- Includes administrative, financial, fund raising, design competition, maintenance, and attendance records; together with correspondence, annual reports, architectural plans, meeting minutes, subscription records, tax records, publications, and employment records. Additional formats include bound and unbound materials, photographs, newspaper clippings, and blueprints
Senator John Heinz History Center
Records include meeting minutes, agendas, memoranda, financial records, membership lists, press releases, reports, programs, correspondence, photographs, newsclippings and published materials documenting the federation's activities promoting the State of Israel


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