Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
The Government Land Bank was established in 1975 as an independent Massachusetts state agency to finance development of blighted areas and land surplus to state and federal uses. Series is created to monitor and maintain history of state and federal legislation relating to or affecting the agency's functions
New York State Archives
These volumes contain a summary record of sales of state lands by the State Engineer and Surveyor (to 1926), Department of Public Works (1926-1928), and Department of State, Division of the Land Office (1928-1939). There are also a few reports from the Conservation Department. Reports from state agencies making land sales were useful in assessing taxes on new property owners
New York State Archives
This series consists of routine correspondence of the Comptroller's office with newspapers published in Forest Preserve counties, relating to publication of notices of lands sold for taxes and unredeemed. Notices were published pursuant to the Tax Law
New York State Archives
This volume lists information gathered from applications for cancellations of tax-sales. All of the applications were made in 1885 for tax-sales held as early as 1866. Information given for each entry includes name of applicant; date of application; description of land; tax-sale year; ground of application; and remarks. Grounds for cancellation frequently include failure of the assessors to certify assessment rolls; failure of the comptroller's office to follow proper notification procedures; and other reasons technical in nature. Remarks, when given, typically indicate whether the cancellation was withdrawn, denied, or granted
Utah State Archives and Records Service
Contract of sale files and abstract pouches are files developed on farm loans made from the Permanent School Fund. The files include documents and correspondence regarding the application, payment schedules, the failure to make payments, foreclosure on the property given as security for the loan, and subsequent resale of the property, These files are critical as a record of title to the land. They are made available to the title companies and attorneys in doing their research to establish chain of title. These files also contain sales documents and warranty deeds. These records are the only source for this information
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Series is a volume containing the so-called whole proceedings of the Suffolk County committee under the 1780 resolve, signed by its members -- The initial journal section records daily transactions and amounts involved, usually sale proceeds received from named purchasers for described property. The margin gives corresponding page numbers found in the subsequent ledger section. The ledger, covering the same period, lists debits and credits for each estate on facing pages. Entries are arranged by date for purchasers or creditors/claimants with amounts listed and marginal notations giving corresponding page number in the preceding journal. Separate sections provide information on estates leased, committee expenses, and an abstract of money distribution from estates sold to creditors, state treasury, and others. Additional county committee records are found in: Massachusetts archives collection, v. 154-155
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
During the American Revolution, a series of actions taken by the Massachusetts General Court against estates abandoned by departing Loyalists directed legislative agents to take, inventory, auction, or lease real and personal property for state benefit. Organized by absentee estate from various Massachusetts counties, ledger lists debits and credits for each estate on facing pages -- Debits include amounts paid to the estate's creditors/claimants (not always complete), with dates and amounts of warrants paid out. Credits give details of the proceeds of sales of estate, including amounts paid to the state treasury. Notes describe procedures followed in settling each estate, sometimes including names of committee members or commissioners responsible for the sale. Notations indicate resolves pertinent to the estate, such as Resolves 1778-79, c 145 (Sept. 19 1778), whereby unimproved land in possession of the state formerly belonging to absentees was not to be sold and was no longer ... Read More
New York State Archives
These records contain abstracts of information originally included in deeds conveyed to purchasers of lands sold for unpaid taxes. The Comptroller's Office was in charge of selling lands for unpaid taxes until 1926, when that function was assumed by the Dept. of Taxation and Finance. Earlier volumes are handwritten; typed copies of abstracts begin in 1926. Some volumes contain tipped-in blank sample forms of the type that would have been used to create the original deed conveyed to the purchaser
New Jersey State Archives
Chartered 1824 under act of legislature; built and maintained the Morris Canal until 1922 when it was acquired by the state of New Jersey; canal discontinued in 1924; company continued to exist as a legal entity managing its properties with the Board of Conservation and Development, a New Jersey state agency, which was succeeded by the Dept. of Environmental Protection
Minnesota Historical Society
Clerk's book (1949-1952), treasurer's book (1949-1952), census (1947-1951), and miscellaneous papers (1951-1952), including a Shelby Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company statement of losses by fire and lightning (1950-1951) and an auction bill for sale of school buildings and property, with a list of purchasers and purchases


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