The University of Queensland Library
Handwritten letters to William Mackay discussing difficulties of his government appointments in Lagos in 1900 and Newfoundland in 1906, and their previous service together in New Guinea
US Army Heritage and Education Center
Contains the following type of materials: memoirs
State Library of Victoria
Papers collected by C.J. La Trobe, intended to form the basis of a history of the Colony of Victoria. One part consists of the letters from early settlers to whom he applied for information, which were published in 1898 by T.F. Bride as Letters from Victorian Pioneers. The other part includes La Trobe's notes, and a chapter on the settlement at Sorrento (1803-1804)
University of West Georgia - Irvine Sullivan Ingram Library
Correspondence, newspaper articles, press releases, and notes pertaining to Cook's research on Georgia's political history. The majority of the materials are photocopies. Photocopies from other archival repositories have the source indicated on verso
University of Maryland
Business and personal papers of Edwin Warfield, Sr. and Edwin Warfield, Jr -- Includes correspondence, speeches, financial and legal records, diaries, publications, maps, photographs, memorabilia, programs, poetry, and biographical sketches. Among the significant correspondents represented in the collection are William Jennings Bryan, Woodrow Wilson, J.P. Morgan, James Cardinal Gibbons, Louise Warfield, Joshua Warfield, Blair Lee, and W.W. Kenly
Emory University - Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Collection
The collection contains papers related to Joseph Brown from 1891-1925, including letterbooks, correspondence, speeches, a certificate and a clipping. The letterbooks contain letters written by Brown during his tenure as traffic manager of the Western and Atlantic Railroad (1821-1898) and include business and personal letters; speeches (1908, 1910, 1913) include Governor Brown's message to the 1913 Georgia General Assembly; clipping and certificate relate to Brown's entry in the book MEN OF MARK IN GEORGIA
Georgia State University - Special Collections and Archives
The collection consists of oral history interviews with Ellis Arnall on March 17 and 25, 1986 in which he discusses family background; education; early political career; Governor William H. "Alfalfa Bill" Murray of Arkansas; voter registration; 1942 governor's race; William Yates Atkinson's business interests; abolition of poll tax; Cocking affair; freight rate issue; prison reform; 1945 Georgia constitution; amendment to allow succession of governor; state finances; political appointments; Agricultural and Industrial Development Board; race issue; James M. Cox; Arnall's support for Jimmy Carmichael in the 1946 governor's race; three-governor controversy; presidential aspirations; lecture activities; Arnall as Price Stabilization Director for Truman; Arnall's insurance and legal practice interests; 1966 governor's race; Lester Maddox; Arnall's law firm as training ground for politicians; religious views; marriage; Jimmy Carter's governorship and presidency; and Arnall's second marriage
Georgia State University - Special Collections and Archives
The collection consists of oral history interviews with George Busbee on March 24 and 31, 1987 in which he discusses childhood and family background; education; values; early law career; early political career; influence of Walter F. George; rural roads controversy; Sibley Commission; law partners following governorship; Jimmy Carter's contested 1962 legislative election; political positioning in the General Assembly; county unit system; reapportionment; Arthur Bolton; George L. Smith; Maddox Hale; assessment of various governors; power of various political appointments; Carter's governmental reorganization; Robin Harris; influence of Dot Wood; strategy in 1974 governor's race; finances; main programs while governor; political appointments; government reorganization; prisons; style of administration; Jesse Bowles affair; Busbee's pension; racial policies; and current interests and activities
Georgia State University - Special Collections and Archives
The collection consists of an oral history interview with Jimmy Carter on February 17, 1987 in which he discusses his father's interests and influence on Carter; civic interests after the Navy; Carter's reasons for running for state senate; early political career; CCC and REA programs; father's attitudes toward Franklin Roosevelt and Walter George; mother's political interests; racism in 1964 presidential election; racial discrimination; chairman of school board; obstacles to voter registration; Georgian attitudes on discrimination; Joe Hurst voting fraud; county unit system; Carter's approach to politics; 1966 governor's race; Carter's agenda as governor; accomplishments and disappointments of governorship; George Busbee; George Wallace; multi-racial committees to solve racial differences; 1970 decision to run for governor; 1970 problems with Atlanta newspapers; newspapers during administration; Hal Gulliver; Lester Maddox; Ed Muskie; methods for getting programs through the ... Read More
Georgia State University - Special Collections and Archives
The collection consists of oral history interviews pertaining to the political career of Governor Eurith Dickinson Rivers (1937-1941) conducted by Jane Walker Herndon from 1971-1972 for her book "Eurith Dickinson Rivers: A Political Biography." Interviewees include Ivan Allen, Ellis Gibbs Arnall, Braswell Dean, Marvin Griffin, Roy Vincent Harris, John Chapman Lewis, Downing Musgrove, L.L. Patten, Joseph Pittard, W.A. Roquemore, and Melvin Ernest Thompson. The interviews have not been transcribed