Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
The Division of Registration was established as part of the Department of Civil Service and Registration in 1919, and placed directly under the Executive Office of Consumer Affairs in 1969 (Executive Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation since 1983)
Minnesota Historical Society
Carbon copies or photocopies of typescript annual reports (1942-1959); photocopies of typescript or form fill-in annual (1960-1975) and biennial (1976-1990) reports; and near-print biennial report (1992)
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Minutes and agenda of meetings of the board. For 1974-1977 the files include agenda materials and minutes of advisory committees. Box 1: 1970-1976; Box 2: 1977-1982; and Box 3: 1983-1993
New York State Archives
This volume lists persons who took pharmacist examinations -- The following information is given about each examinee: number (assigned sequentially as entered in the register); date of examination; name; age; country of birth; whether proprietor or clerk; address, including borough; number of times examined; examination percentage in pharmacy, chemistry, materia medica, toxicology, and posology (study of dosage); sum and average percentages; passed or rejected; license number; and remarks (e.g.: "dismissed for copying," "coloured," too low in chemistry,"--Mostly cross references to other entries)
New York State Archives
List of pharmacists registered by the State -- Each entry gives the following information about the registrant: registration number; name; place of business (address); length of experience; position occupied (proprietor/pharmacist, clerk/assistant pharmacist, superintendent); basis on which registration granted (experience, graduation from a medical or pharmacy school usually named, certificate of qualification and name of issuer); date of registration; and remarks (e.g. "dead," "new store," "registration revoked," etc.).
Maryland State Archives - Special Collections
Reports of nurses and activities in public health. Include census reports of nurses with biographical, educational, and position data on individual nurses in each county. Also contains reports of public health nursing activities and programs of nursing care available to the sick at home in counties. No apparent arrangement
Maryland State Archives - Special Collections
Lists of physicians examined. Gives name, date examined, age, last residence, where and when attended medical school, result of examination, and date licensed issued. Arranged alphabetically by surname for each year
Maryland State Archives - Special Collections
Register of individuals taking the licensed practical nurse examination. Includes names of individuals, dates, names of hospitals where administered, and test scores and results. Arranged chronologically. See also the License Record, LPN series [MSA T1750]
Alabama Department of Archives and History
These are examinations given by the Board of Medical Examiners to determine if individuals were qualified to practice chiropody in the state. Of the fifty (approximate) in this series, all but ten are for individuals who were required to take the examination if they wanted to continue to practice in Ala. This was necessitated by a state supreme court ruling which said that chiropodists practicing in the state prior to 1939 were not exempt from taking an examination for recertification. Included in this series are applications to take the examination which list the applicant's name, address, birthplace and date, citizenship, educational background, and sworn statements to uphold the practices of the chiropody college. Also included are examination questions and narrative answers on various subjects including anatomy, asepsis and antisepsis, physiology, thereapeutics and clinical chiropody, and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and ailments of the foot
New York State Archives
This volume indexes the names of persons who registered as pharmacists with the local or state boards of pharmacy in existence prior to the establishment of the first statewide board in 1900 (Chapter 667)


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