Montana Historical Society Research Center - Archives and Photograph Archives
Marion G. Dumont papers (2011-2013) notes and other documents used for the author's doctoral dissertation paper on three women who spend parts of their lives in Montana. Includes a photo, timeline, news article, a 2001 recording of an interview done with LaPierre and her daughter Bonnie by the television program Northwest Afternoon, and two typed copies of essays by Gail Little, "Springtime at Home" and "Winter Time at Home". No date for both essays. Also included is author's doctoral dissertation entitled, "Reclaiming Women's History in the Region of Marion, Montana Through a Hermeneutic of Place and the Stories of Three Individuals: Kau'xuma'nupika, Gail Peters Little and Arlene Wehr LaPierre"
Wheaton College - Buswell Library
Copies of hundreds of Pace's cartoons, which applied a Protestant Fundamentalist theology to living the Christian life, the nature of God, and moral issues in the first half of the twentieth century in the United States. The collection consists mainly of lantern slides meant to be used in conjunction with prepared sermons, but there are also tracts and cartoons
Drew University - Rose Memorial Library
The Carl Michalson papers document Michalson's evolving insight into theology, from his days as a student at Drew Theological School until his last days as the Andrew V. Stout Professor of Systematic Theology. The collection contains hand-written lecture and publication notes and research, student notebooks and papers, course outlines and bibliographies, correspondence, professional papers, photographs, published articles, sermons, recorded class lectures and the corresponding written outline, compiled by Reverend Frank Ostertag, former student of Michalson
Vatican Secret Archives
Established by Leo XIII in 1902 to promote the progress of Biblical studies, and to see that these studies are kept free of error. (Alternate English name: Pontifical Commission for Biblical Studies)
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville - David W. Mullins Library
The collection includes materials related to Bales and his family; his career as a teacher, writer, and polemicist; and research files. Series I-IV pertain to his personal life, writings, correspondence, and career at Harding College. Also included are materials related to Harding College president George S. Benson and the National Education Program. Series V-XIII consist of topical research files created by Bales, the contents of which were used to write books, articles, and class lectures. Topics include anti-communism and communism; evolution and creation science; international materials; Senator J. William Fulbright; Mormonism; race and the Civil Rights movement; religion; and people. Also included are general research files. Materials include correspondence, draft writings, scrapbooks, pamphlets, newsletters, post cards, photographs, newspapers, and clippings. Series XIV consists of oversize and audio-visual materials. Topics are similar to those of Series V-XIII. Paper materials ... Read More
Loyola University Chicago - Cudahy/Lewis Library
The Thomas Sheehan, Ph.D., papers comprise 12.18 lienar feet spanning the years 1959 to 2001, with the bulk consisting of the years 1966 to 1999, and include publications, lecture notes, syllabi, correspondence, notes, syllabi, speeches, lectures, articles, translations, minutes, and audio tapes. Languages included in the collection are English, German, Italian, and French
University of Virginia
Correspondence, scholarly writings, administrative material, legal and financial papers
Yale University
Material documents in a thorough way the last two decades of Frei's professional career - his writings, lectures, courses taught at Yale, and University-related activities
Yale University
Hermeneutics and commentary on the Qurʼān, its language, style and rhetoric by Abū al-Qāsim Maḥmūd ibn ʻUmar al-Zamakhsharī al-Khawārizmī (1075-1144), a prolific and famous Muʻtazilī scholar; born in Zamakhshar, a village in Khawārizm (Khorazm viloi︠a︡ti, Uzbekistan), traveled to and lived in Mecca "jāwara", hence his epithet: Jār Allāh, died in al-Jurjānīyah, a village in Khawārizm. The present manuscript is part three (al-juzʼ al-thālith) of the original work, starts with the commentary on Sūrat al-Tawbah and ends with Sūrat al-Isrāʼ. Name of copyist and place and date of copying not mentioned, probably from the 14th or 15th century