Texas Tech University - Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library
Includes scrapbook and notebook materials concerning Bucy's activities while a student at Lubbock High School, Stephens College, and Texas Technological College
Chicago History Museum
Autograph book and memory book of Shirley Blumenthal. Autograph book (1933-1937), entitled "School Friendship," includes commencement card, playbill for the San Carlo Opera Company, black and white ribbon, membership cards for various groups, newspaper clippings, invitations and programs, report cards, dance card, and pressed flower. Memory book (1932-1939), entitled "My Girlhood Memories," includes cards, black and white photographic prints, letters, and pressed corsage
Chicago History Museum
Transcripts, clippings, yearbooks, and other materials collected by Nancy Green in the course of research for her article on Lucy Flower High School (LFHS) in the Fall 1985 issue of Chicago History magazine. The materials include photocopies of primary and secondary source materials such as published census data, pages of high school yearbooks, articles on the Chicago Public Schools, and articles on topics such as home economics. Also present are transcribed interviews with former LFHS students and faculty from the 1910s to the 1970s; the audio cassette originals of these interviews; and a series of 3" x 5" cards on LFHS students, 1911-1972, from Chicago Public Schools records (information includes the students' addresses, their elementary school education, and in some cases their fathers' occupations)
Chicago History Museum
Archives of Francis W. Parker School and personal and professional papers of its early principal, Flora J. Cooke. The collection is primarily comprised of 4 groups. First, Flora J. Cooke?s professional and personal papers, most of them relative to her association with the Francis W. Parker School, 1901-1953. Second group, the papers of Herbert W. Smith, Parker School principal, September 1938-September 1956; Third group is correspondence and other papers of the Parker School?s board of trustees from 1933-1960; and the fourth group is a large collection of curriculum archives and samples of students work from 1903-1958. The early portion of Miss Cooke's papers contains items relative to the Chicago Normal School, the Chicago Institute Academic and Pedagogic, and the School of Education of the University of Chicago; and correspondence of Col. & Mrs. Francis W. Parker and of Mr. & Mrs. John Dewey. Additional topics of the collection include early benefactor Anita McCormick Blaine, the ... Read More
Museum of History & Industry,-- Sophie Frye Bass Library
The collection consists mostly of photographs of the family and friends of Russian immigrant Joseph Swartz, of the Swartz shingle mill near Granite Falls, Wash., and of Everett High School student groups. With the exception of Swartz's wife, Mary Vinshinkof, the individuals in the family photographs are largely unidentified. Many of the family photographs were taken on the grounds of the Swartz family home; others depict groups of people camping, people in automobiles, and posed in comical scenarios, probably in college dorm rooms. Many photographs depict groups of students at Everett High School, including sports teams, orchestra and theater groups, and school classes. Photographs of the Swartz mill depict mill buildings, the log pond, and horse teams pulling shingle bolts. Other pictures of Everett include boats at dock, the water company reservoir, and businesses on a commercial street. A number of the photographs are signed "Swartz" and are presumed to have been taken by Joseph ... Read More
Hunterdon County Historical Society
Chiefly business record books and ledgers (1935-1954), containing financial information regarding daily cash payments for activities such as deliveries and farm labor and to various organizations and businesses. The 1935-1941 business record book lists the amount of milk and cream sold by the dairy to schools, restaurants, and stores. Miscellaneous materials grouping includes a clipping of the marriage announcement (1935) of Elizabeth Hawke Ratliff and Bruce R. Tuttle, one copy of Farm Service News newsletter (Apr. 1940), letter and envelope from Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company (1943); documents relating to the dairy including letter from Leslie Mike announcing the sale of his retail milk business to Grandview Dairy of Baptistown, N.J., due to the poor health of his wife; and spiral bound herd record book issued by the Dairy Herd Improvement Association and filled out for 1948 including statistics on the milk production of individual cows, tables of grain feeding ... Read More
Camden County Historical Society
Camden Manual Training and High School (renamed Clara J. Burrough Junior High School) memory book maintained by Vera Francis Robb
Eastern Washington State Historical Society
Correspondence with Livingston's wife, Margery Livingston, family members, and friends, concerning personal affairs, historical research, and his work as superintendent of schools for American dependents in Seoul, Korea (1946-1948); student evaluations, comments from parents, and school committee reports, documenting Livingston's teaching career, chiefly at Lewis & Clark High School, Spokane, Wash.; reminiscences of pioneers, documents, articles, clippings, and ephemera, relating to his activities as director (1966-1968) and continued member of Eastern Washington State Historical Society; and diary recording a world trip (1933) containing political and cultural observations


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