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This collection contains 204 video tapes recorded by Joe Monteiro between 2000-2005. The majority of the tapes were recorded on Digital-8 format. (Tapes #13-29 were recorded in Hi-8 format.) All the tapes have been converted to digital and exist on 78 DVDs, located in Series 4. Joe Monteiro created a detailed catalog of each performance. This catalog is located in Series 5: Ephemera. Each tape has been described using Monteiro's catalog, which includes venue, location, performers, instruments, and date of performance. The collection contains recordings of two improvisational music festivals: Autumn Uprising and June. The Autumn Uprising Festival of New Improvised Music includes recordings from the fifth (October 11-14, 2001) and sixth annual (October 4-6, 2002) festivals. The venue for both years was the ICA Theater at 955 Boylston Street in Boston, Mass. June is Boston Area Women of Electronic, Experimental, and Improvisatory Music that took place at the Tremont Theater in Boston, ... Read More
Cornell University Libraries
This collection contains digitized copies of Lindsay Cooper's musical scores, lyric sheets, sketches, manuscripts, and photographs. The collection also includes 30 years of live recordings, including unmastered versions of her many commercial albums and live recordings from all over the world with bands such as Henry Cow, The Feminist Improvising Group, The Film Music Orchestra, Comus, News From Babel and the Mike Westbrook Orchestra
University of Michigan - Bentley Historical Library
Recordings include cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, phonograph records, and compact disks of William Albright works and performances, and works by Albright's friends, students, and teachers
University of Michigan - Bentley Historical Library
Biographical materials, correspondence, programs, professional files, University of Michigan School of Music files, and scores and recordings of William Albright works (including notes, sketches, and manuscripts) and works by his friends, students, and teachers
Middlebury College - Davis Family Library
Circle of themes -- Short improvisation with quick changes -- Non-relation -- Animato
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
The chicken skin (1995) -- Homage to Charlie Parker (1976) -- Players (1977) -- Unison 1978)
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
What's that (13:07) / Pamela Madsen -- Away (11:11) / Betsey Biggs -- Not just yet (16:01) / improvisation
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
333 / Tim Gray -- Disembodied head #2 and #3 / Sean Clute -- Improv duet / Michael Cox -- I Nyoman Windha / Jaya Baya -- The matter of the spheres / Elise Baldwin -- Red Carriage / Wu Fei -- Untitled (duo) / William Fowler Collins


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