Oregon Historical Society Research Library
The collection contains materials relating to Ray Lung's management of the Klamath Indian Management Trust (KIMT) administered by the United States National Bank of Portland. These include reports and proposals, clippings and publications, correspondence, registers and rosters, financial statements, maps, and photographs, as well as a scrapbook compiled by John D. Merritt. Some of the materials pertain to management of tribal forest land, led by US Bank trust forestry officer Robert Mezger. Tribal forest lands purchased by the federal government became part of the Winema National Forest
Oregon Institute of Technology
The collection consists of correspondence, other documents and newspaper clippings related to the implementation of federal termination of tribal recognition for the Klamath Tribes in the 1950s. Termination-related educational training programs for the Klamath Tribes served as a pilot program for similar activities elsewhere. A significant set of documents in this collection describes related educational programs implemented with the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Reservation, the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation and the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Rhonde Reservation in Oregon. The scrapbook primarily includes newspaper clippings from the 1950s covering termination of federal recognition of the Klamath Tribes sovereign nation status. Some photographs are included
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
The Robert W. Young papers contains 6 overlapping series. Linguistics materials relate to Navajo grammar, and include correspondence between Robert Young and William Morgan, Sr. during their collaboration on The Navajo Language: A Grammar and Colloquial Dictionary (1980) and Analytical Lexicon of Navajo (1992). History/Anthropology materials chronicle early Spanish and Anglo contact in the Southwest. Themes include agriculture/hunting, dancing, kinship, place names, stars/constellations, witchcraft, and materials on peyotism by David Aberle. The Navajo Condition documents the Navajo situation, 1939-1969. Government Relations contains correspondence reflecting early U.S. Government-Navajo contact, Navajo trading, administration (including formation of the Navajo constitution), policies, withdrawal, census and contains copies of National Archives files. Legal issues such as the controversial activities of Norman Littell, Navajo General Council and Claims Attorney are also included. The ... Read More
Oregon State University Libraries - Special Collections and Archives Research Center
The Marie Norris Collection documents Norris' life and work as a Native American activist, storyteller, and historian and consists of materials created by Norris and assembled by Roger Weaver. The Collection includes two versions of the manuscript Along Klamath Waters, a letter, newspaper clippings, publications, and a sound recording. The manuscript is an autobiographical narrative prepared by Norris for publication as a book. Norris describes her life as a member of the Klamath community in southern Oregon and interweaves stories of Klamath culture and history throughout the narrative. A primary topic of the manuscript is the termination of the Klamath Tribe in the 1950s and the impact on the culture, economy, and lands of the Klamath peoples. Both versions were edited by Roger Weaver. The 1979 version of the manuscript is unabridged; the 1980 version is an abridged version edited for submission to a publisher. It was not published. The letter was written from Norris to Roger Weaver ... Read More
University of Montana--Missoula, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, K. Ross Toole Archives
Correspondence files, legal documents, financial records, campaign/political materials, photographs, and personal affects of Joseph M. Dixon, with particular representation from his public service as U.S. representative and senator and Montana governor, as well as a national leader in the Republican and Bull Moose parties. Papers provide insights into Dixon's personal life, private political opinions and strategies, professional (both political and business) relationships, and actions on behalf of the early twentieth century's Progressive movement. Correspondents include Dixon's wife, Caroline, and other family members, as well as prominent Montana and national political figures, including Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover. Topics include Theodore Roosevelt's 1912 Presidential campaign; the progressive/Bull Moose movement in Montana; changes in Montana and national Republican-Democratic Party dynamics resulting from the ... Read More
University of Oregon
Collection consists of correspondence and documents from the files of T.B. Watters
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
The collection is divided into 20 overlapping series. There is considerable redundancy between series. Aberle's correspondence is predominantly located in Series III - VI and IX. The series have the following titles: I. Academic studies; II. Research among the Pueblos; III. United Pueblos Agency; IV.Commission on the Rights, Liberties, and Responsibilities of the American Indian; V. National Science Board and other professional activities; VI.Computer Assisted Instruction Program; VII."Our Illusion of Roots"; VIII. Publications; IX. Personal Documents; X. Aberle/Brophy Real Estate; XI. Land Issues; XII. Termination of Federal Aid; XIII. Navajo and Pueblo Tribal Issues; XIV. Relocation, Employment, and Education; XV. Tribal Governance, Law and Order; XVI. Health Issues; XVII. Miscellaneous Subject Files; XVIII. Miscellaneous Publications; XIX. Audio Tapes; XX. Oversize
Idaho State Historical Society,-- Idaho Oral History Center
Byrne talks about Native Americans, the federal government's Indian termination policy and congressional hearings in 1954, Jesuit missions in Montana and Idaho, the history of the Coeur d'Alene tribe (Skitswish Indians) and its relations with the federal government, and the history of Heyburn State Park
Idaho State Historical Society,-- Idaho Oral History Center
Byrne describes working and traveling among Indians in Montana and Idaho; the Indian termination policy of the federal government, the Coeur d'Alene Mission of the Sacred Heart, and the Flathead Indian Reservation
University of Montana--Missoula, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, K . Ross Toole Archives
Robert Wolf discusses the General Accounting Law including background material such as deficiencies of the public timber program 1954-1955, 1955-56 hearings in the West, the Al Sarena mining claim and the role of the 1872 mining law, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian termination policy, monopolies, David Mason, and specific timber companies in Montana, Oregon, and Washington


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