Cornell University Libraries
Photocopies of notes, diaries, poetry, and drawings, some of them published in Spirit Woman by Steiner. Also includes some original notes, clippings, and typed manuscripts by Nuñez. Titles include Inside the Indian wind, The hidden life, My trip to hell, and others. Correspondence to her, mostly from the 1920s, includes letters from Carlos Montezuma. Notes discuss mission schools, a speech by Major Pratt, laws governing Native Americans, information about growing up as an Indian, and cultural differences
Cornell University Libraries
Unbound typescript. A course design for non-Indians teaching non-Indians, based on what Indians think white people should know about them. Contains facts, interviews with Indians, discussion of stereotypes, tradition, values, religion, cultural revival, government relations, reservations, urban life, alcoholism, education, militance, assimilation, also a bibliography, and overview of the project
Massachusetts Historical Society
Original ms. written by Daniel Gookin, colonial magistrate, in 1674. Gookin discussed the state of Native American affairs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, especially the culture, language, religion, and customs of Native Americans. Among the tribes he focused on were the Massachuset, the Narraganset, and the Pequot. Gookin described his work and the efforts of John Eliot, James Fitch, and Thomas Mayhew in culturally assimilating Native Americans, work supported by Robert Boyle and the Society for Propagation of the Gospel in New England
Marquette University - John P. Raynor Library
Correspondence, newsletters, meeting programs, photographic prints, and sound recordings from a United States Catholic Conference sponsored pastoral program regarding Catholic evangelization and the life of Quiché and Kanjobal Indians (Mayas) in the United States
Minnesota Historical Society
Correspondence between officials of the American Missionary Association, especially George Whipple, Lewis Tappan, and E.M. Cravath, and various of its missionaries stationed in Minnesota, particularly Moses N. Adams, John P. Bardwell, Alonzo Barnard, William Lewis, Francis Spees, David B. Spencer, and Sela G. Wright. There is substantial information on religious and 'civilizing' activities, mission life and administration, personal and family information, and travel narratives
Northeastern State University, Tahlequah Campus - John Vaughan Library
Contains various articles and documents on the subject of pan-indianism
Northeastern State University, Tahlequah Campus - John Vaughan Library
Contains various articles and documents on different aspects of American Indian culture
Sealaska Heritage Institute Archives
This collection contains a copy of an unpublished and undated manuscript written by William Lewis Paul, Sr. entitled "The Alaska Tlingit, Where Did They Come From?" The manuscript discusses Paul's background, his thoughts on the Tlingit people, contains a compilation of oral tradition, including myths, legends, genealogies, and linguistic changes relating to the origins of the Tlingit. Also includes explanation of kinship structure, including totems and taboos; and tribal organization. The manuscript contains many notations and editing marks, such as having words crossed out or added. This copy was obtained from a copy held by the National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland, Mss 7077
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Libraries
Personal papers of a former chair of the University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee Dept. of Anthropology which include extensive field notes, professional and personal correspondence, and photographs. The majority of the collection is field notes dealing primarily with Lurie's research of the Winnebago Indians of Wisconsin, particularly as a board member of the United Indians of Milwaukee (UIM), work with the Consolidated Tribes (a predecessor of the UIM), and the Haylushka Society, an organization formed by non-Indians interested in Indian culture and life


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