US Army Heritage and Education Center
Contains clippings from various newspapers, program materials and other miscellaneous items pasted in a scrapbook (1894, 1897)
University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
Bouquet's Expedition against the Indians consists of two orderly books issued by Colonel Henry Bouquet, spanning August-November 1764, during which time he lead a small army into western Ohio Indian territory to retrieve white captives and to enforce a peace settlement with the Delaware, Mingo, Shawnee, and Wyandot Indians. These volumes contain detailed information on Bouquet's decisions and actions, and explain how he maneuvered his forces through the wilderness
Western Washington University - Heritage Resources
This collection documents the personal and professional endeavors of Bellingham-area teacher, scholar, and political activist Robert H. Keller -- The papers include lecture notes, publications and other material related to environmental issues and the "Rand Jack Whatcom County Council" campaign of 1979. There are also extensive research materials on Canada, particularly Canadian Indians and Canadian National Parks
Cornell University Libraries
Photocopies of notes, diaries, poetry, and drawings, some of them published in Spirit Woman by Steiner. Also includes some original notes, clippings, and typed manuscripts by Nuñez. Titles include Inside the Indian wind, The hidden life, My trip to hell, and others. Correspondence to her, mostly from the 1920s, includes letters from Carlos Montezuma. Notes discuss mission schools, a speech by Major Pratt, laws governing Native Americans, information about growing up as an Indian, and cultural differences
Cornell University Libraries
Correspondence, office files, printed material, and other papers relating to Gates's study of U.S. land policy, his role in Indian land claims, and his work as a professor of American history -- Correspondence, including letters to and from David M. Ellis, History Department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York; office files; pamphlets; circulars; reprints; recommendations of students; issues of NATIONAL GUARDIAN; material on 1940s politics; broadsides; photostats and atlas of Wisconsin pine lands, and manuscript map of Northern Wisconsin showing Cornell University land and area of railroad land grant; photostats of THE SACRAMENTO DAILY RECORD and CALUSA SUN, both California newspapers; material on Indian claims, and exhibit material for Gates' presentation before the Indian Claims Commission, Washington, D.C.; description of a three volume oral history project with Paul Schuster Taylor, completed by the Regional Oral History Office, University of California at Berkeley, and a copy of ... Read More
Cornell University Libraries
Correspondence, notes, photography permissions, and documents accumulated during research for the publication of his book We Have Not Vanished: Eastern Indians of the United States. Folder one contains copy of a draft of the publication titled "American Indians Today on the Atlantic Seaboard." Has the original photos that were to be used for the publication taped or laid into the pages. Folder two, list of George Catlin slides. Folder three, edits, revisions, additions, other historical notes, sent to Tamarin from Indians and other editors. Folder four, an introduction and edits for the book by Irving Powless, Jr. and correspondence from him and editor Sandra Greifenstein. Also copies of treaties of the Iroquois Six Nations and the United States. Folder five, correspondence regarding Indian populations from government offices, including United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, the state offices of Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, ... Read More
Cornell University Libraries
Letter from Eleazer Williams, dated Oneida December 21, 1817 to David A. Ogden discussing a meeting regarding the subject of the late Council Fort Meigs. Includes references to Mr. Parish, western Indians, and the Six Nations. The second is from individuals at St. Regis, including Lewis Cook, William Gray, and Potter Late Gaienton, to David A. and Thomas L. Ogden, dated St. Regis May 7, 1803. The letter disagrees with the selling of some land called Rapid Plan Island to another individual. It cites a letter from Mathew Perkins, and Joseph Edsell. The third letter is dated Buffalo July 8, 1819, and is addressed to Sachems, Chiefs, and Warriors of the Seneca Nation from Morris L. Miller. It mentions an enclosed map of a proposed Allegheny reservation and discusses planning of the land to be used for the reservation. Also includes card showing provenance for each letter
Cornell University Libraries
Report of the secretary of state, to the president of the United States, of the quantity and situation of the lands not claimed by the Indians, nor granted to, nor claimed by any citizens, within the territory of the United States. Read in the House of Representatives, November 10, 1791. Document describing the territories of land that can be sold or developed by the United States and their boundaries in relation to the Indian tribes. Printed signature of Thomas Jefferson. Signed with printed signature of Thomas Jefferson
Cornell University Libraries
Treaty of peace with the Delaware Nation entered into by their deputies before Sir William Johnson, baronet, His Majesty's sole agent and superintendent of Indian affairs in the Northern Department of North America...May 8 1765. With supplemental treaty, which was bound to the main treaty, titled The Delaware deputys [sic] sent from Ohio, to strengthen, ratify and confirm the annexed treaty subscribed by Killbuck...July 12, 1765. Treaty discusses the Indians being accepted by the English in return for good behavior and the return to the English of "prisoners, deserters and negros." The Delaware also agree to open the roads through their territory to the English. The supplement is a response from other tribes to the treaty with their signatures, including the Shawnee and Mingo Indians. The treaties are signed by William Johnson and others, including the chiefs of the Delaware Nation. There are also wax seals of the signers
Cornell University Libraries
Collection of items from Congress, many from the Government Printing Office. Items include meeting minutes and proceedings, copies of acts and bills, reports, and other information that was discussed by the committees and subcommittees on Indian affairs. The papers cover a wide range of topics, some are broad, covering all Indians; others are specific to certain areas and tribes. Some topics include leasing of lands from the Indians, mining rights, tuberculosis on reservations, reparations, and reservation living conditions


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