Getty Research Institute
Collection consists of assembled material from the Bauhaus years of 1919-1933, as well as material influenced by Bauhaus designers up to 1984. Included are photographic prints, typescripts, offprints and publications, original graphics, clippings, sketches and drawings, weavings, curricula and correspondence. Several of the typescripts refer to the history of the Bauhaus and to the Bauhaus-Archiv Museum für Gestaltung in Darmstadt and Berlin. Housed with the collection is an issue of the periodical Rayon & design which includes a photograph of a weaving design by Margaret Leischner
The University of Queensland Library
Meeting programs, activities and pamphlets; committee meeting agendas, minutes and reports; and manuscript copies of papers presented
US Army Heritage and Education Center
The collection consists of Gregory Sheridan's master thesis entitled, "Phoenix in the desert: how the 1973 Yom Kippur War influenced American non-nuclear warfare and AirLand doctrine". The thesis analyzes the flexibility of the Air Land doctrine and its application to the Yom Kippur War, noting the heavy use of weapons through both the Soviets providing weapons for Egypt and Syria, and the United States supporting Israel with the airlift of heavy weapons and other equipment. The consideration of 'mutually assured destruction' provided by nuclear weapons is analyzed as well as the future of the AirLand doctrine
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
The papers of Emily Tall document her research into the history of translation, publication, and critical reception of the works of James Joyce in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Materials pertain to the translation of Joyce in the Soviet Union during 1920s-1930s and during 1960s-1980s, the critical reception of Joyce's work in the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 1930s, as well as the changing attitudes towards Joyce in Soviet academia, press, and the general public from the 1960s to the 1980s. Materials include selections of Joyce translations into Russian, Georgian, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian; Soviet Joyce scholarship and literary criticism; newspaper and magazine columns related to Joyce; selections from dissertations on Joyce; encyclopedia entries on Joyce; correspondence with Joyce translators and scholars; Emily Tall's drafts and notes; and memorabilia
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
The papers of Mitchell Franklin consist of his studies, research, writings, correspondence, and teachings. The materials reflect his career as a lawyer, professor, legal advisor, and philosopher and his work on contract, Roman and international law. Included are also photographs of his European travels and clippings about him and his work
Delaware Art Museum
Correspondence, notebook (photocopy) including notes from Howard Pyle's illustration class at Drexel Institute, diaries/journals, notebook of commissions and payments (1896-1902), books, photographs, glass plate negatives, bookplate designs, biographies, and catalogs, cards, and programs designed by Bates; together with an exhibition catalog and invitation (1978) to a Bates exhibit at the Delaware Art Museum. Includes correspondence with E.P. Dutton & Company, Little, Brown & Company, and R.H. Russell. Persons represented include Jessie Gordon, Caroline Gussman Keller, Deane Keller, Albert G. Keller, Thomas Hovenden, and Christopher L. Ward
Rutgers University Libraries
The records document the evolution of Consumers' Research's influence on consumer theory and consumerism in the United States and abroad by focusing on CR's philosophy and functions, CR's history, attacks against CR, and consumer agencies similar to CR. Included are correspondence, publications, and magazine and newspaper articles. Topics include agencies similar to or imitating CR (including state and federal agencies), Albert Lane's Consumer Bureau of Standards and Consumers Research Foundation, Consumers' Preference, Haldeman-Julius Consumers Magazine, International Organization of Consumer Unions (IOCU), Consumers of Canada (Charles E. Nix), Canadian Consumers League, and Consumers Research Service (Chicago); CR's aid to research and scientific education; attacks on CR by Frank Dalton O'Sullivan, author of the anti-CR book, Poison Pen of New Jersey; campaigns against CR; attacks on CR by advertising agencies, patent medicine manufacturers, Printers' Ink, Christian Century, Anna ... Read More
Kurt Weill Foundation
Kurt Weill's career is the focus of this interview. Abravanel recalls Weill as a young, struggling composer and teacher before his operatic successes. He also discusses Weill's reception in France and the U.S. Along the way he gives many insights into Weill's character, habits, and favorite composers. Most of Weill's compositions are at least mentioned, particulary the early performance history of Mahagonny. He closes the interview talking about Weill's relations with Lotte Lenya and Bertolt Brecht
Allen County Public Library - Genealogy Center


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