Harvard University - Widener Library
Leon Trotsky and the development of Marxism / David North -- Trotskyism and the Cuban revolution : an answer to Hoy / Joseph Hansen (1962) -- Svyazhsk / Larissa Reissner (1948) -- Defeat of Trotskyism / Marjorie Pollitt (1937) -- Statement of the Secretariat of the Fourth International : Sino-Soviet rift : Trotskyism still alive in the Soviet Union (1963?) -- In memory of Leon Trotsky / Alan Woods (In defense of Marxism, 1 ; 2000?) -- Against Pablo revisionism (Bulletin no. 1 ; 1957) -- The fight against Trotskyism / Hyman Lumer (196-?) -- Leon Trotsky : the man & his action / Ernest Germain (1948?) -- Lenin, Trotsky and the Vanguard Party : a contemporary view / C.L.R. James (Facing reality pamphlet ; 1964) -- The case for socialist revolution : an A.B.C. of Trotskyism / Workers International League (1941?) -- The split in the S.W.P. / Leninist League (1940)
Delaware Art Museum
Correspondence between Edith Emerson and Gertrude Brincklé (Wilmington Society of the Fine Arts) regarding information on Howard Pyle students (1920; 2 letters); letters written by Oakley to Joseph Bancroft regarding publication of portfolio "The Holy Experiment" (1922-1923; 4 items); letter from Oakley to Bertha Bates Cole (1931); and letter from Oakley to Joseph Bancroft regarding publication of portfolio "Law Triumphant," (1931-1933); together with photographs, exhibition catalogs, and illustrations from books and magazines
Maine Historical Society
Contains meeting minutes, newsletters, address lists, flyers, greeting cards, and newspaper clippings associated with the Second Generation branch in Maine
Delaware Art Museum
Correspondence, notebook (photocopy) including notes from Howard Pyle's illustration class at Drexel Institute, diaries/journals, notebook of commissions and payments (1896-1902), books, photographs, glass plate negatives, bookplate designs, biographies, and catalogs, cards, and programs designed by Bates; together with an exhibition catalog and invitation (1978) to a Bates exhibit at the Delaware Art Museum. Includes correspondence with E.P. Dutton & Company, Little, Brown & Company, and R.H. Russell. Persons represented include Jessie Gordon, Caroline Gussman Keller, Deane Keller, Albert G. Keller, Thomas Hovenden, and Christopher L. Ward
Kurt Weill Foundation
Kurt Weill's career is the focus of this interview. Abravanel recalls Weill as a young, struggling composer and teacher before his operatic successes. He also discusses Weill's reception in France and the U.S. Along the way he gives many insights into Weill's character, habits, and favorite composers. Most of Weill's compositions are at least mentioned, particulary the early performance history of Mahagonny. He closes the interview talking about Weill's relations with Lotte Lenya and Bertolt Brecht
University of Texas at Austin - Harry Ransom Center
The papers of Adrienne Kennedy, ca. 1954-1992, document her evolution from an aspiring writer to a successful playwright. All of Kennedy's plays are represented in this collection, from her Obie Award winning Funnyhouse of a Negro (1964) to her most recent production, Ohio State Murders (1992). Additionally, manuscripts for several unproduced or incomplete plays are present, such as an untitled play about Soledad prisoner George Jackson. Manuscripts dating from Kennedy's beginnings as a writer in the 1950s include the play "The Pale Blue Flowers," as well as other plays, short stories, and novels. Other writings include the memoir People Who Led to My Plays and a screenplay about blues musician Robert Johnson. The works exist as notebooks, holograph and typed notes, outlines, proposals, and drafts, playscripts, and screenplays, as well as galleys, page proofs, and photocopies of publications
US Army Heritage and Education Center
The collection consists of Gregory Sheridan's master thesis entitled, "Phoenix in the desert: how the 1973 Yom Kippur War influenced American non-nuclear warfare and AirLand doctrine". The thesis analyzes the flexibility of the Air Land doctrine and its application to the Yom Kippur War, noting the heavy use of weapons through both the Soviets providing weapons for Egypt and Syria, and the United States supporting Israel with the airlift of heavy weapons and other equipment. The consideration of 'mutually assured destruction' provided by nuclear weapons is analyzed as well as the future of the AirLand doctrine
Getty Research Institute
Collection consists of assembled material from the Bauhaus years of 1919-1933, as well as material influenced by Bauhaus designers up to 1984. Included are photographic prints, typescripts, offprints and publications, original graphics, clippings, sketches and drawings, weavings, curricula and correspondence. Several of the typescripts refer to the history of the Bauhaus and to the Bauhaus-Archiv Museum für Gestaltung in Darmstadt and Berlin. Housed with the collection is an issue of the periodical Rayon & design which includes a photograph of a weaving design by Margaret Leischner


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