University of Texas Libraries
The collection is comprised of original drafts of novels, short stories, poetry, magazine articles, speeches and presentations as well as personal correspondence, of Argentine author and journalist Marta Lynch
University of South Carolina
Personal, professional and family papers, land documents, etc. (11,614 items) re family letters; documentation and blue prints concerning renovations and restoration at Redcliffe house and property in Aiken County (S.C.); correspondence of friends and relatives of Elise Lake Chase Billings; and genealogical information on the Billings, Black, Bryan, Cumming, Fitzsimmons, Hammond, Lamar, Spann, and Wade lines
University of Kentucky
The collection is composed of news clippings concerning Kentucky and national politics, the theater in Louisville, Kentucky, trivia about Louisville and its history and baseball -- Included are articles on Kentucky politics and a substantial collection about the 1920 Senatorial campaign of Richard P. Ernst (1858-1934), who defeated J.C.W. Beckham (1869-1940) in a campaign noted for its attempts to appeal to first-time women voters
Cornell University Libraries
Announces that Le Journal des ProgreĢ€s has ceased publication in its current form, having been sold to a M. Crochart, who will choose new editors for it. Buchez describes his reaction to the end of his association with the journal
University of Oregon
Collection comprises papers of American journalist and author Duncan Aikman (1889-1955) and contains correspondence, manuscripts, tear sheets, newspaper tear sheets, poetry, a Guggenheim Foundation proposal, miscellaneous notes, biographical information, photographs, and magazines with articles by Aikman. Correspondence is arranged into two subgroups: Professional and Personal. Correspondence within these groups are arranged alphabetically. Correspondents include W.W. Norton, Aikman's mother, Blair Bolles, his daughter Cicely, and H.M. Murdock. Outgoing mail includes hospital letters and letters to Mrs. Lonnelle Aikman. Manuscripts are divided into five sections: book length, magazine articles, speeches, editor queries and pamphlets. Book length manuscript is of Americas Unite. Articles include "The Practical Politician," and "Frontier South." The pamphlet was written for the War Department and labeled "Mexico." Tear sheets and articles by Aikman include those from the American ... Read More
University of Oregon
The collection contains subject files compiled by the Bulletin, a Bend, Oregon, newspaper, regarding the Rajneeshees, and Rajneeshpuram in Oregon. Materials include photocopies of articles, legal documents, research files, correspondence and photographs. The original order of the collection was preserved; the folder title indicates the subject of the file. There may be a variety of documents within each folder
Loyola University New Orleans - Monroe Library
The editorials in this collection were authored by Phil Johnson during his long career at WWL-TV and aired on the station as a regular nightly presentation from March 26, 1962 through 1999. The collection chronicles the history of New Orleans and Louisiana during that period. All editorials were written and delivered by Johnson unless otherwise noted in the index. Please refer to the index key of designations
University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
40 manuscript volumes relating to John Irwin Griffith's life and American politics, including numerous pen and ink drawings
University of the Pacific - William Knox Holt Memorial Library
Series I, containing 10 boxes, consists of correspondence relating to Leonard Verbarg's work as history columnist for "Oakland Tribune." Series II, containing 13 boxes, consists of photographs of California historical sites and personages. Series III, containing 1 box, consists of Oakland, Calif. vaudeville and movie billings (1920s). Series IV, containg 2 boxes, consists of tear sheets of Verbarg's "Tribune" column (1954-1974)
Harvard University - Tozzer Library
Series I, subseries I. (Maya Calendar Charts) is a rich variety of materials comprised of mathematical equations, tables, illustrated glyphs and printed plates which are often intermingled. Within this subseries, there also exists the inclusion of several photographs which do not belong in the subseries "glyph photographs." Some of the materials in this subseries were divided into sections by Goodman. There are two printed plates entitled "Reconstruction of Lunar Cycle" as well as several plates from the hieroglyphic stairway, ruins of Copan [Memoirs of the Peabody Museum, v. 1, (6), 1902] contained in this subseries