National Library of Australia
"Sydney. - Marxism, Yoga or Weight Watchers could be covered by a definition of religion which was to be considered by the Australian Broadcasting Commission, Sir Marcus Loane said yesterday"--News clipping top left corner
National Library of Australia
Papers collected by Andrew Reeves, primarily relating to the trade union movement, the Australian Labor Party, the Communist Party of Australia and left wing political issues. There are also papers relating to student political activities on the University of Melbourne, Monash and La Trobe University campuses; the anti-Vietnam War movement; the Socialist Party of Australia; the League of Nations International Labour Conference; the Association of Architects, surveyors, Engineers and Draughtsmen of Australia and the co-operative movement. Papers of Phillip Bain collected by Andrew Reeves are also contained in the papers. Material contained in the collection includes broadsheets, pamphlets, handbills, press cuttings, original trade union records, reports, correspondence, letterbooks, minutes, ledgers, conference papers, speeches, articles, publications, banners, photographs, posters and other papers
National Library of Australia
Part of a collection of photographs depicting buildings and street scenes in Lockhart; groups of people; bullock and horse teams; and other images
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Correspondence, mailings, flyers, newsletters, forms, reports, clippings, membership lists, school system policies and publications, and other materials documenting the North Carolina Federation of Teachers (NCFT). Documents related to local chapters of the NCFT include logs of phone conversations and other correspondence, flyers advertising NCFT membership and meetings, and reports from local school systems. Materials maintained by the office of the NCFT president include documents related to AFT and NCFT conventions and materials related to AFT and NCFT positions and actions on various educational issues, including educational reform, teacher salaries, vacation leave, paraprofessionals, career development, and political lobbying. General files include documents dealing with such topics as the debate over merit pay for teachers, hiring and dismissal policies, retirement benefits, tenure, arbitration, class size, early childhood education, textbook selection, school financing, special ... Read More


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