University of South Carolina
Consists chiefly of materials documenting Johnston's senate service, 1945-1965, and the interests and concerns of his constituents across South Carolina, plus gubernatorial campaigns, and other personal records, including extensive records (121.25 linear ft.) reflecting Johnston's committee service on Agriculture and Forestry, District of Columbia, Judiciary, and Post Office and Civil Service, as well as files on a variety of bills and subjects of interest to the Senator; campaign files (5 linear ft.), 1938-1962, containing correspondence and other materials related to party activities and the campaigning of Johnston and others; film, 1956-1964, presenting Johnston speaking on issues of the day; miscellaneous materials (1 linear ft.), including correspondence, Nov.-Dec. 1944, of Johnston's predecessor, Senator Wilton Hall
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, speech files, press releases, trip files, scrapbooks, drafts of newspaper articles and books, publications, clippings, and other papers, relating to Truman's career as presiding judge of Jackson County, Mo., court (1927-1934), U.S. senator from Missouri (1935-1945), vice president of the U.S. (1945), and president of the U.S. (1945-1953), and to his life after he left public office. Presidential papers include White House central files; files kept by Truman's personal secretary, Rose A. Conway; confidential files; files of members of the White House staff; files of White House Official Reporter, White House Social Office, White House Telephone Office, and White House Office of Social Correspondence; reports, memoranda, intelligence summaries, and background papers, created by or submitted to the National Security Council; and correspondence, memoranda, notes, staff papers, reports, and administrative files of the Psychological Strategy Board
Maine Historical Society
Letter (1909 Feb. 16) to Jules Guthridge; letter (1910 Mar. 21) to J.M. Ryan concerning support of a bill, probably the Telepost Company bill; and autograph signature of Frye, U.S. Senator from Maine and president pro-temp. of the Senate
Providence College Library
Chiefly correspondence, printed matter, and materials, relating to tariff legislation and the National Monetary Commission, supplemented by diaries, notebooks, speeches, research notes, serials, financial papers, and miscellany, focusing on Aldrich's 30 years as U.S. senator from Rhode Island and his concern with national economic and fiscal policies, particularly protective tariff rates and conservative monetary policies favored by powerful northeastern business interests, particularly reflected by Commission correspondence of Abram Piatt, special assistant, Arthur B. Shelton, secretary, and staff members Charles E. Alden, Jr., J. Williard Sheetz, and William A. Slade, and occasional correspondence and speeches of Aldrich promoting monetary reform -- Includes letters from Henry B. Gardner, Charles R. Brayton, and others reflecting state political affairs; some papers concerning Aldrich's personal affairs, including letters (1865-1866) written to his future wife, Abby Chapman, later ... Read More
Memphis Public Library and Information Center
Correspondence, government reports, photographs, campaign advertisements and posters, magazine and newspaper articles and other material relating to the career of E.H. Crump and the political and governmental affairs of Memphis and Shelby County, Tenn -- Topics include progressive era politics in Memphis, government regulation of utilities, relations with African-Americans of Memphis, Crump's efforts to eliminate prohibition in Memphis, the Great Depression, tax collection, Mississippi River flooding and establishment of a comprehensive flood control plan for Memphis, Crump?s assistance to Franklin D. Roosevelt during the 1932 presidential campaign and Joseph W. Byrns as Speaker of the House of Representatives, New Deal legislation, campaign financing and contributions from Memphis businesses and municipal employees, and local and national elections. Other correspondents represented include Kenneth McKellar, Tom C. Rye, E.W. Hale, W. Tyler Mclain, S. Watkins Overton, Frank Rice, Hill ... Read More
Rutgers University Libraries
Correspondence (1920-1959), including letters from Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Harry S. Truman; congressional political subjects file (1928-1950); speeches and writings (1926-1952); biographical data, photos, and tributes (1926-1951); scrapbooks of clippings (1922-1959); Norton's unpublished memoirs and correspondence concerning possible publication (1951-1960); letters and cards of condolence sent to her family at the time of her death; and other papers
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence written during the period when Denver was serving in the California Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. Topics include his involvement in providing supplies to overland immigrants arriving in California
Maine Historical Society
ALS to Daniel Lord urging that supporters of Pres. John Quincy Adams in the Maine State Legislature meet at Portland at least one day before the opening of the legislative session, so that the state government can work in harmony with that of the nation
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, legal papers, drafts of speeches, radio broadcast transcripts, printed material, and clippings, relating to positions held by Roosevelt and his service as a Marine Corps officer in World War II. Correspondents include Mary Williams Dewson, Joseph F. Guffey, Harry Hopkins, Cordell Hull, Lyndon B. Johnson, David Lilienthal, Isador Lubin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Nathan Straus
Arkansas History Commission
Correspondence, newspapers and newspaper clippings, publications, books, and other materials. Includes material relating to Little's congressional career


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