University of Virginia
The papers consist chiefly of manuscript sermons of the Rev. Huff, together with the draft of the constitution of the Hillsborough Baptist Missionary Society, 1851
New York State Historical Documents
Notes and collation of all verbal changes and proposals in the text of the communion office, 1548-1950
Wheaton College - Buswell Library
One oral history interview and one folder of reports, correspondence, and newsletters -- Oral history interview describes White's family background, conversion, education at Moody Bible Institute and Wheaton College, marriage, activities as an Army chaplain's assistant in Germany, and missionary work in Austria for Greater Europe Mission
Wheaton College - Buswell Library
Two oral history interviews -- Topics covered include Liberek's childhood and conversion in Belgium as son of Protestant pastor, methods of evangelism in that country, comparison between U.S. and Belgian Evangelicals, his own work as a pastor in Belgium, Protestant-Catholic relations, church-state relations, other religions in the country, and other mission-related topics. The events described in the interviews covers the period from 1959 to 1988
University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
A stalwart of the Moravian community in Salem, N.C., Christian Ludwig Benzien was connected in spirit and blood with some of the most prominent of American Moravians. The Benzien manuscript is a complex document comprised of occasional poetry, hymns, and songs written largely, but apparently not exclusively, by Christian Ludwig Benzien
Yale University
Manuscript on paper, in a single secretary hand, containing 4 prayers and religious reflections, followed by several pages of personal accounts recording the names of the author's creditors and debitors and the amounts owed. The religious entries are titled A Prayre To Be Used At Any Tyme By One Alone Privatlye; A Private Prayer for a Howsould Evening Prayer; How A Man May A Fitt Guest To The Lords Supper; and a treatise on repentance
Yale University
Anonymous manuscript: scholastic disputation on the nature of the Eucharist and on penitence, partly based on Thomas Aquinas
Yale University
Manuscript on paper, in a single secretary hand, of a collection of prayers and devotions for the use of an individual "before, and after, the reception of the Lord's Supper." Prayers include one for "Charity towards all Men" and one for "A firm Resolution of new Obedience.".
Phoenix Seminary Library
[1.] What is the Lord's Supper? / R. Phillips -- [2.] Minister's Communion manual / B. Miller


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