Jewish Museum Milwaukee
Testimony: "My most memorable experience was when I was in a convoy of ships in the Coral Sea Battle and our ship was struck. I was in New Zealand, Australia, and New Guinea. I received the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre ribbon and 4 Bronze Stars, the Philippine Liberation ribbon with one Bronze Star, other medals and the Presidential Distinguished Unit Medal for the Papuan, New Guinea, Luzon, Ryokyos Campaign. I got along very well with my troops. My Captain was Jewish, but I did not have time to observe many Jewish holidays.".
Navarro College
Three Civil War diaries written by Benjamin Tuttle and Jeremiah Quinlan, members of the 1st Illinois Light Artillery, Battery C. -- Diary (81 p.; 8,968 words; 7 May 1864-6 July 1864) relating to General Sherman's advance to Atlanta and includes Quinlan's hand drawn maps depicting various positions of Union and Confederate forces near Resaca, Dallas, and Buzzard Roost Gap, Ga.; diary ("Record" book; 10,107 words) containing first entries written by Tuttle relating to the opening of the Atlanta Campaign, until Tuttle's capture near Goldsboro, N.C., and then Quinlan takes over the writing beginning on 10 Apr. 1865 and ending 1 June 1865, covering the withdrawal of Union forces from the "deep South" to the "review of the regiments" in Washington D.C.; and diary (10,621 words) entitled "Memorandum of Sherman's Campaign from Ringgold to Atlanta commencing May 7th, to July 23rd, 1864", although the entries actually end 1 July 1864 and contain lengthy and descriptive accounts of battle; ... Read More
Stephen F. Austin State University, East Texas Research Center
Primarily Boswell's experiences during the Normandy invasion and subsequent hedgerow fighting. Vivid discussions of the landing, sinking of a troop transport, heavy fighting in the ensuing weeks, German prisoners, and reaction to all these events by the French civilians
Maine Historical Society
Autograph letter, from Magnolia, N.C., of an unnamed son of George S. Heald, to his father, in East Newport, Me., mentioning that he was serving as forage master in the 24th North Carolina Infantry Regiment during Sherman's March through the Carolinas
San Diego Air and Space Museum, Library and Archives
The collection contains Linus Upson's memorabilia which includes a large scrapbook, photographs, a CD with photographs, certificates, an autobiography of a fellow WWII pilot, reunion booklets, cloth patches, and bio rosters. These documents are associated with Upson's 80th Fighter Squadron unit that flew in China-Burma-India Theater, also known as the "Burma Banshees.".
Navarro College
Letter, written by McGregor, to a friend describing the battle of Stones River (Murfreesboro), Tenn., the failure of Brig. Gen. Richard W. Johnson's Union troops to hold the flank, and the death of Brig. Gen. Joshua Woodrow Sill
Northbridge Historical Society
Scrapbook comprising contemporary snapshots of the Leesburg, Va., area and the site of the Battle of Ball's Bluff; brochures by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority; clippings; photocopies of various muster rolls and other military-related documents; and a ms. description of the site and of the battle, written by Walter Edwards
Navarro College
Letter, probably written by Daniel V. Albright, describing a raid upon the Union army by Gen. Rufus Barringer's brigade near Petersburg, Va -- The soldier signed his letter "VA" and asked his parents to direct their letters to Company G, 2nd North Carolina Cavalry. Albright also named two other soldiers in his company: John Klapp (also spelled Clapp) and James Shaw. According to Albright, Shaw and Klapp had traded their horses for "a detail" and Shaw was later captured by the Union army
Idaho State Historical Society,-- Idaho Oral History Center
Smith talks about his experiences in the U.S. Army. The time period covered is 1940 to 1953. Topics include fighting in the Pacific Theater during World War II; serving as a prisoner of war in the Philippines and Japan; and fighting during the Korean War
Navarro College
Includes thirty-seven letters written by Jerome B. Carr chiefly containing descriptions of the battles Carr fought in and military camp life, assessments of military leaders, and comments on the politics of the day; together with letter written (18 Aug. 1864), by Byron Carr August 18, 1864, detailing Jerome's capture at Winchester, Va


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