University of Washington
Films and videos document Chase's work with the interaction between dance performance and sculpture. Includes master recordings of performances from the "By Herself Series" and "Concept Series."
Boston University,-- Dept. of Special Collections
Reviews and publicity materials
Museum of Performance and Design
"Frank Shawl is the co-founder with Victor Anderson of the Shawl-Anderson Dance Center [a.k.a. Shawl-Anderson School of Dance] in Berkeley. Frank has been active as a teacher, performing dancer and choreographer in the Bay Area for approximately 43 years. The Shawl-Anderson Dance Company was an active dance repertory group in the '60's and '70's and spawned many of today's prominent dance artists. Prior to coming to the Bay Area, Frank performed mainly in New York City. He appeared in numerous Broadway and network television shows and toured throughout the United States and Canada. He appeared in concert with the late Charles Weidman and for over eight years with the May O'Donnell Dance Company
Museum of Performance and Design
Includes books, certificates, correspondence, notes, photographs and programs, with many photos of Ethyl in her roles at local theatres, such as the Alcazar, Oakland's Ye Liberty Playhouse, the Republic Theatre, the Majestic, the Corona, and the Orpheum
Getty Research Institute
In her series of four video dance pieces, Shirley Clarke uses visual abstraction as choreographic material. By means of compositional flow, editing rhythms, and manipulation and distortion of the image, she explores the choreographic potential of the video medium
Getty Research Institute
This video is a demonstration segment of Ince's full-length autobiographical dance-theater piece
Getty Research Institute
Kane describes this piece as "a video translation of a solo dance.".
Columbia University
Early ballet experience, Chicago; dance instructor positions; student, New York University summer camp 1930-33; Bennington Summer School, 1935; classes of Martha Hill, Norman Lloyd and Louis Horst; augmented group, Holm's TREND, summer 1937; comparison of Bennington, Mills and Connecticut College summer schools; Graham technique; dance and politics; physical education circuit; recollections of several dancers


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