University of Virginia
Sister Lucy Julien extends condolences on the death of John Stewart Bryan, discusses visits of Amanda Kane and others, describes her convent and religious activities, mentions mutual friends, and often includes religious reflections
St. Benedict's Monastery Archives
Speeches, newsletters, audiotapes, circulars, photos, and other materials, relating to the support and transmission of the Benedictine heritage
Ohio State University
Translation from Greek of Klimax tou paradeisou by St. John Climacus. Marginal glosses throughout note which parts were copied from printed sources and which from other manuscripts, and remark on differences between the Greek and Slavic manuscripts. Included (with separate foliation), verses by monk Theophanes about the "ladder of holy grace" in ten levels. Scribal inscription on leaf 219b. Without ornamentation
Yale University
Autograph manuscript, on paper, containing the liturgy for the reception of novices into the Carthusian order, as well as the Carthusian liturgies and prayers for the absolution and anointing of the sick, and for the burial of the dead. Latin text is rubricated and in a rounded gothic script; German text is rubricated and in a gothic cursive script. The Latin section contains some musical notation on four-line staves
Yale University
Anthology of monastic writings. Includes Iosif Volot︠s︡kiĭ's rules and precepts on daily monastic life; monastic rules and precepts from Saints' Lives and Church Fathers; Old Believer commentary on the Gospel of Mark (Chapter 8), and treatises on love, evil thoughts, and founding of the Holy City
Ohio State University
Translations from Greek. Manuscript in three parts. First part (leaves 1-14): abbreviated life of Theoleptus, Metropolitan of Philadelphia and his Homily on monasticism and "performance of mysteries". Second part (leaves 1-46): selections from the homilies of Ephraem Syrus. Third part: (leaves 47-55): Homily of Ephraem Syrus on the Transfiguration. Running inscription on the bottom margin of leaves 1-8 that the manuscript was consecrated by an "Elder", Brother Athanasius (Andrian), upon the request of monk Platon, in 1805 (which is the probable date of copying). Without ornamentation
Ohio State University
Collected instructions of the Holy Fathers. Heading (cf. Ms. Hil. 412, leaf 488): "Selected instructions from the Holy Gospels and from many divine writings uttered by bishops, for every Sunday, teachings for Christians which may also be read at the Lord's feast days". Altogether 77 instructions beginning with the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee, Lent, Pentecost and other feast days. The last instruction is for August 29, on the beheading of St. John the Baptist. All the instructions are numbered. Inscription on leaf IIa: "this manuscript was given to Hilandar Monastery by hieromonakh Symeonʹ of Hilandar in 7244" (i.e 1736). On leaf 384b, "these instructions belong to Hilandar Monastery" (1732)
Ohio State University
Translation from Greek of Klimax tou paradeisou by St. John Climacus. Parts of the text on the first forty leaves are extensively damaged. The text begins with a biography of St. John Climacus. Included also are epistles and "Slovo posnichaskoe", which begins on leaf 5a. The manuscript is interrupted in the thirtieth homily ("on love"). Fragments Ms. Hil. 758. IX and 759. VII are parts of this manuscript and have been returned to it. It was subsequently found that fragment Ms. Hil. 739. III also belongs to this manuscript. Incomplete (the beginning and end are missing). Without inscriptions. Ornamented headings and initials


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