Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum - Frist Library and Archive
Entertainer Ray Whitley talks about his life and career. Discussion includes his childhood and family history; his early musical influences; his career prior to his start in music; his wife and family; his start in music and early professional work, including the Crazy Water Crystals show; performers he worked with, including Dwight Butcher and Elton Britt; a description of his early stage shows; his work on the WHN Barn Dance; his experiences as a working cowboy; memories of performers he worked with, including Jimmy Wakely and Merle Travis; memories of Fred Rose; and highlights from his career
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum - Frist Library and Archive
Entertainer Ray Whitley and music publisher Wesley Rose participate in an interview to recall highlights from their long professional association. Discussion includes the circumstances of their first meeting; Ray Whitley's association with Walt Disney during the late 1930s; memories of their work and friendship with Gene Autry, Fred Rose, and Tex Ritter; comments by Ray Whitley about how he measures success; memories of Hank Williams; Ray Whitley's songwriting; Wesley Rose's memories of his father, Fred Rose; the story behind Ray Charles's recordings of Hank Williams's songs and other country songs; and the story behind the signing of the Everly Brothers to Cadence Records
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum - Frist Library and Archive
Chill Wills discusses the movies and music he's made. Discussion includes his background; being named after the doctor who delivered him; singing at church revivals with his brothers; working in medicine shows and vaudeville shows; meeting Ray Whitley and doing movies with him; appearing in "McClintock" with John Wayne; "Boom Town" with Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy; his love of country music and his visit to Fan Fair; memories of Hank Worden and Cactus Mack; doing benefits for Spade Cooley after Cooley was imprisoned for murder; impressions of the Grand Ole Opry; his desire to write a hillbilly operetta. Wills also talks about his music. Whitley discusses his own motion picture earnings and comments on Wills's talent
Cornell University Libraries
Photographs of movie actors and actresses, movie sets in Ithaca, New York, scenes from movies and various public events in Ithaca, collected by actress Mame (Mary L.) Hennessy. Also, personal photographs of Mary Hennessy, her family, friends and residences; letters and postcards, 1917-1964; news clippings, 1917, 1949-1961; miscellaneous manuscript and printed material, 1947-1965; and photographic negatives. Includes photographs of Irene Castle, Grace Darling, Doris Kenyon, Derwent Hall Caine, Florence Short, Marguerrete Marsh, Lillian Walker, Betty Howe, Frances White, Pearl White, Jean Sothern, Elsie Baker, Evelyn Ferris, Dick Steward, Eddie Kaw, E. Coit Albertson, and Creighton Hale
University of California, Riverside
A collection of memorabilia relating to various members of the Kohner film industry family, including Pancho Kohner and Lupita Tovar Kohner. Includes complete film (VHS and DVD), advertising brochure and clips from the 1971 film The Bridge in the Jungle, written and directed by Pancho Kohner, DVD of Mr. Sycamore (1975), screenplay and directed by Pancho Kohner. Also includes text and audiotape of a PBS radio interview with Lupita Tovar Kohner, broadcast February 15, 2008 on NPR's Morning Edition
State Library of Queensland
Eight black and white photographs taken during a studio party on the film set of "Uncivilised"
Boston University, Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center
Collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and photographs -- Manuscripts in the collection include Astor's drafts of "My Story" (autobiography, Doubleday, 1959); "The Incredible Charlie Carewe" (novel, Doubleday, 1960); "The Image of Kate" (novel, Doubleday, 1962); "The O'Connors" (novel, Doubleday, 1964); "Goodbye Darling, Be Happy" (novel, Doubleday, 1965); "A Place Called Saturday" (novel, Delacorte, 1969); "A Life on Film" (autobiography, Delacorte, 1971); and "I Remember Elizabeth" (novel, unpublished, ca. 1977). Most of the correspondence in the collection is between Astor and her editors and publishers (ca. 1959 to 1977). Other letters include fan letters to Astor, letters regarding legal problems from individuals mentioned in "My Story", and a letter from Hedda Hopper to Astor regarding a column to be written by Astor for Hopper (not dated; clipping of column attached). Printed material in the collection consists primarily of clippings, reviews, and ... Read More
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
The collection contains scrapbooks documenting Lilian Bond's acting career. There are also photographs of Lilian Bond


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