Yale University
Manuscript, in a single hand, of a detailed plan for a public music school in England, to be established at the Foundling Hospital in London. Burney, with his friend violinist Felice Giardini, gives reasons why the plan would be financially beneficial to the hospital and economically effective for the country, how the school would "contribute greatly to the maintenance & instruction of a considerable number of the children of the Hospital," how the school would help remedy "the neglect of music as a profession" in Great Britain, and how to find students among "numerous charity schools, work houses, etc." He also includes a proposed schedule and salary for its instructors
Yale University
Draft of a letter, in a single hand, with many corrections, from William Bewley to Charles Burney. The letter responds to a letter from Burney, denying Burney's flattering comments about Bewley; comments at length on Jean-Jacques Rousseau's system of education as well as the works of the composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini; and asks for recommendations for a treatise on music and for "some solos, duets, or sonatas to purchase.".
New York State Historical Documents
Collection of ca. 1,200 rare, manuscript, and first editions of music. Composers include Georges Auric, J.S. Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Hector Berlioz, George Bizet, Johannes Brahms, Frederic Chopin, Muzio Clementi, Claude Debussy, Gaetano Donizetti, Custodio Fernandez Goes, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Charles Gounod, George Frideric Handel, Franz Joseph Haydn, Charles Ives, Leon Kirchner, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, W.A. Mozart, Ernesto Nazareth, Alberto Nepomuceno, J. Octaviano, Maurice Ravel, Gioacchino Rossini, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Oscar Straus, Johann Strauss, Richard Strauss, Igor Stravinsky, Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, Marcello Tupnyamba, Giuseppe Verdi, Giovanni Viotti, and Richard Wagner. Also, THE PSALMS OF DAVID, the first volume of music printed in America from type, 1767
Stanford University
Letter from Pepusch to M. Immins, in London, discussing a piece of music by Costanzo Porta. Pepusch has transcribed the music on the verso of the letter
Massachusetts Historical Society
Drum book containing instructions for beating, number of rolls and marching tunes kept by an unknown drummer, ca. 1778, possibly used by a fife and drum corps during the Revolutionary War. Includes Revolutionary War era marching tunes
Senator John Heinz History Center
Typescript document of a speech given at the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania May 23, 1944
Cornell University Libraries
Notes on harmony, cadences and chords, in Lavoisier's hand. Lavoisier perhaps took these notes from his music master. In a case, with a note in Denis Duveen's hand describing the complete provenance history of the manuscript
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Printed sheet music including some mss. of songs and keyboard works and indexes, chiefly of American and English music, the type popular with American women during the first half of the 19th century, collected by Sarah Brown Herreshoff (1773-1846), Caroline L. Herreshoff, Louis Herreshoff, and other members of a Providence, R.I., family
Emory University - Pitts Theology Library Archives and Manuscripts Department
A Latin hymnal for Catholic festivals and holidays
Yale University
Manuscript, in a single hand, of a large collection of poems. The first volume contains primarily occasional poems and satirical verse; titles include "To a Fellow, who after the Author had done Him Some Service, endeavour'd to ridicule Him in a stupid Print" and "Writ under the Print of a Chimney Sweeper, Squeezing a Cat." The first volume also contains a dedication to the Princess of Wales, "requesting Her Royal Highness graciously to patronize a Subscription, for printing Poems on Several Occasions," and is followed by a dedicatory poem to her, which mentions a fable "presented to His late Royal Highness at Leicester House, in 1751, which was most graciously receiv'd, & the Author had the honour to kiss the Princess' Hand." The other three volumes contain more occasional poems, political verse, "imitations and translations," and songs. Titles in these volumes include "Verses on the Demise of the late King: & the Accession of His present Majesty," "The Willow and the Peach-Tree, ... Read More


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