Maine Historical Society
Includes autograph copy of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, written for Bishop Charles C. McCabe -- Also includes a note from Howe to McCabe, and an envelope
Moravian Music Foundation
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
Tagati'a (javelin-throwing song) -- War-song -- Song of the Savai'i volcano -- Popular song about origin of tattooing -- Maori song -- Admiral Kimberly's farewell song -- Marriage song -- American Samoa national anthem -- High school choir -- Patriotic song for 1904 flag raising -- Spirituals sung in Samoan -- Children's choir -- Samoan teacher's male choir -- Spirituals sung in English -- Love song -- Various Samoan folk-songs
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
Songs with ndono [musical bow] -- Embegeti game songs -- Songs with enanga [trough zither] -- Lwakalera songs from time of Lukonge [women's chorus] -- Ganda drumming group -- Songs sung for Saba Saba / [performed by] Murutunguru Primary School Choir -- Songs with ndongo [lyre]
Stanford University - Hoover Institution Library and Archives
National Library of Australia
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Collection of recordings of performances at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois in 1893. Includes 40 cylinders of Fijian, Samoan, and Uvean (Wallis Island) music; 34 cylinders of Javanese and Sundanese music, songs, dances, and gamelan tunings, as well as several Euroamerican melodies; 9 cylinders of Turkish and Syrian/Lebanese vocal and instrumental music; and 18 cylinders of Kwakiutl songs recorded by Benjamin Ives Gilman under the sponsorship of Mary Hemenway
National Library of Australia
The collection includes newspaper cuttings, reviews, articles, poems, prose, music scores, sonnets, and correspondence. Magoffin requested information from descendants of the Macpherson family, major libraries, Queensland Police department, Queensland Station owners, magazine editors, and other sources. Topics include Christina Macpherson, the Macpherson family, the tune 'Craigilea'; A.B. Paterson, Harry Nathan; typescript histories on Winton (Qld); Longreach (Qld), Dagworth (Qld), Qantas; The Shearers strike. Includes reviews of Magoffin's book 'Chops and Gravy', and information about Magoffin and his family. Correspondents include Oscar Mendelsohn, Lesley Macpherson, W.R.F. Bolton of Cobb & Co Ltd, Toowoomba; Fred Archer (Rabaul); and Harry Pearce. There are scripts by Magoffin for a screenplay and a musical of 'Waltzing Matilda', a CD 'Waltzing Matilda, a lesson in history', a photo of 'Magoffin's Matilda expo' and typescripts of his writings including an article entitled 'Inverted ... Read More


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