Virginia Beach Public Library
Contents of aperture card trays: Tray one: October 1961-December 1972 -- Tray two: January 1973- December 1979 -- Tray three: January 1980- December 1982 -- Tray four: August 1983- December 1986 -- Tray five: January 1987- December 1990 Tray six: January 1991-December 1994 -- Tray seven: January 1995- December 1995 -- Tray eight: January 1996 -- August 1998 -- Tray nine: September 1998- December 2000
California State University, Long Beach
Presents the oral histories of 36 women and men involved in the development of Long Beach, California. The narrators describe why they or their families came to California, and what kind of work they did. Some of them participated in building local businesses and community institutions before and after the Second World War. Others helped to establish voluntary associations such as social and service clubs, political associations and other groups. Many of the interviews were collected as part of a project to study the impact of the discovery of oil on the development of Long Beach


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