Texas Tech University - Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library
Includes certificates of appointment for Notary Public, Draft Board and Deputy Food Administrator, plus a photocopy of a proclamation by Mayor Spencer for a memorial service for former President Woodrow Wilson
New-York Historical Society
Notarial record book, 1828-1856, kept by William B. Sewall, notary public, Portland, Maine, containing protests for non-payment of bills of exchange, marine protests, including a protest filed by Reuben Blanchard, master of the brig William Osborne, citing a group of stowaways who boarded the vessel at Havre in France. Also included is a deposition delivered by one Charles Fox concerning the division of parcel of land in Portland
New-York Historical Society
Protest book recording 37 statements made by masters of vessels before Gelston as a notary (1806-1810, 1815). Protests made for ships arriving in New York in which the captains give an account of their voyage and the damage, or suspected damage, to their ship and/or cargo, storms endured, names of some of the officers and crew, and ports of origin and destination. Includes index
New York City Department of Records and Information Services
Consists of one bound volume containing certified copies of the official appointments of individuals as notary publics in Kings County, as well as in other countries
Maine Historical Society
Copy of a deposition of the crew and captain, Joseph K. Buckmister, of the schooner Lone Star, of Bucksport, Me., concerning the sinking of the Lone Star on 1 Nov. 1860. Notarized by Maynard Sumner, Knox County, Me
Boston Athenaeum
Ezekiel Price collection (Mss. .L50 .a - Mss. .L50 .6 and Mss. .F19) provides a remarkable view of the activities of an 18th century veteran of the French and Indian War, notary public and justice of the peace is provided in this extensive collection of ledgers, account books, receipts, legal documents and business correspondence. Besides serving as notary, with an office in the State House, Price held a commission from the British Admiralty Court, and handled marine insurance policies. Prior to the Revolution he acted as agent for British firms seeking to recover debts owed by Boston merchants; towards the end of his career he was appointed clerk of the Court of Common Pleas. In 1793 he was elected to the Massachusetts Historical Society. The collection gives a good picture of shipping in and out of Boston, of local mercantile activity generally and of the economic relationship that existed between England and the colonies before independence
Boston Athenaeum
Record of various legal transactions: Estates and wills, powers of attorney, foreign business transactions, administration of oaths for official appointees, affidavits, marine protests, deeds, bills of exchange, etc. Includes manumission records (Prince Hall's manumission, 1770 April 12 [vol. for 1769-1772]). Volumes: 1756-1762; 1762-1765; 1765-1766; 1767-1769; 1769-1772; 1772-1780; 1780-1789 (includes records of F. Hopkinson, Treasurer of Loans, recording loan activity between the Bank of the United States and merchant Nathaniel Tracy, 1780)
University of Florida - George A. Smathers Libraries
As the records of the jurisdiction of Jeremie, the Jeremie Papers contain the archives of more than thirty notaries who operated both in Jeremie and in outlying areas. These archives contain such legal documents as marriage contracts, probate records, and sales of real estate. Pertinent to the study of the African slave population are sales of slaves, slave emancipations, and the sale of plantations, which often included the enslaved workforce. The economic life of the free inhabitants is recorded in documents forming and dissolving partnerships, buying and selling property, and recording the property left behind upon their death
Library of Virginia
Each bond contains the signatures of the claimant and securities, the date, and the amount of the bond
Library of Virginia
Volume contains lists of local officials (clerks, sheriffs, commissioners of revenue, notaries public, and so forth), with the dates of their appointments