Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Following the destruction of public records by fire in the Court House (Old State House) in 1747, the Massachusetts General Court directed the provincial secretary to record in his office the 1629 and 1691 charters, with the commissions of the governor, lieutenant governor, justices of the Superior Court, and his own, per Orders 1747-48, c 182 (Dec. 11, 1747). Starting with these transcriptions, the state secretary (known as such from 1780), as part of his responsibility as record keeper for Massachusetts, continued to maintain a running record of copies of official documents that were the responsibility of his office, including those he attested, those part of administration of oaths, and those recording information on public appointees. As record keeping became more voluminous and the secretary's office more specialized over time, specific types of records were maintained in their own series, as indicated below
Minnesota State University
This collection is made up of copies of the executive clemency documents relating to the pardon of David Faribault Jr. by President Abraham Lincoln. The pardon covered Faribault's participation in the Dakota Uprising in 1862. Included in the documents are: a lengthy discussion of Faribault's involvement authored by his father, a testimony to his character by Alex Faribault (David's uncle), a call for executive clemency by Major Sterne H. Fowler (who was married to David Faribault Sr.'s sister), a defense of Faribault's actions by Brigadier General Henry Sibley, and a final note written by President Lincoln, stating that Faribault was pardoned
University of California, Berkeley
Collection of briefs, petitions, testimony, exhibits, etc. related to various legal actions involving Thomas J. Mooney and Warren K. Billings. Includes testimony from the original trial in 1916-1917, petitions and arguments for Billings' pardon, documents pertaining to two suits Mooney brought against wardens of San Quentin Penitentiary, and Mooney's application for a writ of habeas corpus. Also includes the program for the 1971 Annual Banquet of the Committee on Political Education (COPE), Central Labor Council of San Mateo County, at which Billings was the guest of honor
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
By its constitutional authority to provide advice and consent to the governor, the Council approves the granting of pardons, including commutations and respites (Const Pt 2, C 2, S 1, Art 8). Pardon files include all relevant information concerning petitions for pardons and commutations that the governor has approved and now require the Council's endorsement
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Summary sheets prepared by Arvid Sather, Richard R. Malmgren, and Frederick H. Miller, pardon counsels for Governor Warren P. Knowles, concerning the records of prisoners appealing for executive clemency and including recommendations of the counsel and various parole board members
Harvard University Law School - Historical and Special Collections
Begins with the King's general pardon, also contains acts for taking of tolls, Act for the King's household, etc
New York State Archives
These volumes provide a chronological record tracking actions taken and decisions made by the governor. The records were kept pursuant to Laws of 1858, Chapter 64, which required the governor to record in books all applications made to him for appointments, pardons, commutations of sentences, or other gubernatorial actions, and to keep on file the original documentation relating to each application. Each volume covers one calendar year and begins with a statement indicating that the governor was sworn in to office (when applicable), followed by a transcription of the governor's annual message to the legislature -- The volumes then list other actions and decisions of the governor as they occurred, including: appointments and nominations of civil, judicial, and military officers; names of applicants for appointments, pardons, communtations of sentences, or restoration of citizenship rights; resignations accepted by the governor; messages (transcribed or abstracted) to the Senate or ... Read More
Arkansas History Commission
Chiefly material relating to John J. Hughes, Sr., including his application for his pardon; together with some family correspondence and political material related to his son, Arkansas state legislator John J. Hughes, Jr. (d. 1952)
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Files relating to Buchen's role as counsel to President Ford providing advice and assistance to the President, his family, and White House staff. Topics include Nixon papers and pardon, Vietnam War and the War Powers Resolution, and nomination of John Paul Stevens to the U.S. Supreme Court
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Governor's official correspondence including material relating to women's suffrage, irrigation, conventions, the Hanna mine disaster, consulate requests, school lands, and the University of Wyoming; appointments and petitions for pardon of convicts; military and Indian affairs series including material concerning the Lightning Creek raid, an incident between a Dakota Indian hunting party from the Pine Ridge Reservation, S.D., and a sheriff's posse from Newcastle, Wyo., and the opening of the Wind River Reservation to settlement; five folders relating to the murder case of Tom Horn including correspondence threatening the governor, testimonies and affidavits of Horn's acquaintances, Horn's sworn statement, requisitions for the commutation of Horn's hanging, and the coroner's inquest; and other papers