Rutgers University Libraries
Papers (1905-1936) relating to engineering, invention patents consultation, and activities of Theta Delta Chi national fraternity and Holland Society of New York; together with accession records (1930) of the library of Van Winkle's wife, Sama Leroy Baldrof Van Winkle, and daughter, Gertrude
Washington State Historical Society
Letters written by Tutton to his wife Ada and daughter Bel when he was away from them for extended periods of time -- From Mar. 25, 1890 to May 27, 1890, letters describe trip to Tacoma from Sioux Falls and settlement in Tacoma, chronicling scenery of the train trip, selection of Tacoma as their new home, attempts to start his bank State Savings Bank, the weather, and his interaction with Tacoma residents, especially a Mrs. White at Annie Wright Seminary where he hoped to obtain a job for his daughter. Includes letter to his family while travelling to Washington, D.C., to obtain an invention patent. A second set of letters (1894 July 27-1896 June 25), written to his family in Tacoma, pertains to Tutton's mining claim in Nez Perce County, Idaho, including descriptions of daily activities, mining operations, the weather, his pets, rheumatism recurrances, and sheep herding. Later correspondence relates to his duties with Pacific Navigation Company and his daughter's millinery in Tacoma
Historical Society of Washington, D.C.
Abstract of a letter from Daniel Carroll to Thornton, 15 Nov. 1792; letter (1805) from Thornton at the Patent Office to the Dept. of State certifying a deposit by Daniel Fisher; and letter by Thornton "To the Public" on 29 Apr. 1827 regarding an attack on Thornton's tenure at the Patent Office written by Michael Withers and J.H. Courstin, which appeared in the National Journal
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Professional correspondence relating particularly to the Manhattan Project (1941-1944) and the General Advisory Committee of U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (1948-1974); papers proposed or published by Beams and his colleagues; grant applications (1956-1957) submitted by Beams or reviewed by him for National Institutes of Health; patent documentation; experimental data, diagrams, and miscellaneous research materials; War Dept. contracts; and biographical material, including clippings. Correspondents include Lyman J. Briggs, Ross Gunn, Ernest Orlando Lawrence, Alfred O. Nier, Willard L. Severinghaus, Leland Bradley Snoddy, William Francis Gray Swann, and Eugene Paul Wigner
Rutgers University Libraries
Ledger (1807-1808) and daybook (1808-1814) of Joseph N. Gibbs, Shelltown (later Ellisdale), N.J., relating to repairs and manufacture of wagons, plows, and similar work; wagonmaking and wheelwright accounts (1812-1832) of Jonathan Rogers, of Mount Holly, N.J., concerning repairs of wagons and fittings, including plows, wheelbarrows, and farm products; and letters (1846-1847) received by Thomas P. Jones from Asa Whitney relating to a patent for an improvement in carriage wheels
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
The collection reflects the business interests of Alexander W. Johnston; the educational and political interests of C.R. Cory; the musical interests of Adelia and Ethel Irwin, and the literary interests of Maude and Charlton Andrews. Johnston's business materials include receipts and account books, 1828-1850. C.R. Cory's papers include speeches, correspondence, and a scrapbook about the Civil War and state and national politics. Broadsides and programs from their performances represent Adelia and Ethel Irwin. Much of the remaining material focuses on Maude Andrews' writing and the Western Association of Writers. Photographs are stored in Visual Collections
York County Heritage Trust/Historical Society of York County
Chiefly papers of James Gerry, including daybook (1835, indexed), ledgers (3 v., 1826-1834), promissory note, receipts, physician's licenses, notebook of illnesses and remedies, financial papers, correspondence, notice of appointment as coroner, certificates and booklets, reflecting his membership in the masons, and correspondence relating to the Civil War, his government service, and political views; father's estate papers; diary and letter (1830) of Sarah Gerry; agreement with Nathan Shaffer concerning a patent; and certificate of election to Congress in 1840
Dedham Historical Society
Papers and memorabilia includes diary (1743-1784) of John Whiting (1716-1784), miller, with genealogical notes by Caroline Whiting and John French Whiting (his great-grandchildren), and which include brief dated entries on improvements and business at the his gristmills, church and town business; marriages and deaths, and news of the colony; account books (1762-1773) of Isaac Whiting (1723-1785), merchant and blacksmith, including records of customer purchases and payments due and work done for the town, and papers including deeds, bills, receipts and notes; account booklet (1780-1790) and papers (1779-1820) of Calvin Whiting (1762-1840), merchant, which include accounts due for wood and deeds (mostly for land in Dedham, as well as Pa.), notes and mortgages, business correspondence, including letters received from two sons, including their work as his agents in New Orleans (1810-1817), regarding molasses, cotton, and sugar, and papers and correspondence on patents for tin smith ... Read More
Columbia University Libraries,-- Bakhmeteff Archive
Correspondence about Viktor Vinter's scientific work on the chemical analysis of milk and other topics; mss. of writings, including a number of articles he published in Czech, German, Finnish, and American scientific journals; diaries, notebooks, and scrapbooks relating to his scientific endeavors; medical statements, passports, material pertaining to patents, and other documents; photos, mainly of the Vinter family; and journals containing articles by Vinter and other printed matter. Correspondents include Igor Sikorsky
Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
The records of the Taylor-Wharton Iron & Steel Company consist of a series of fragments primarily collected for the purpose of anniversary celebrations