University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Margit Varro (1892-1978), music teacher and author. The Papers document Varro's career as an educator and music historian, and her association with Hungarian composers Bela Bartok and Leo Weiner
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
This book contains primarily keyboard arrangements of common dance tunes of the period, including "Irish Washerwoman," "Fisher's Hornpipe," "Hail to the Chief," and "Lord Hardwick's March," as well as other generically titled pieces such as Allemandes, Waltzes, Rondos, and Quick Steps. These tunes may have been used as study pieces since some include fingerings. The end of the manuscript contains selections written by a musically well-trained hand. They include several songs, as well as compositions or parts for a solo treble instrument, most likely flute or
Maine Historical Society
Correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and recital programs of Gowen -- Most of scrapbooks contain articles about musical performances and recitals by herself and her students. The letters are chiefly about theater life and many of the photographs are of actors, including many of Sidney Toler
University of Montana--Missoula,-- Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library
Biographical information, a small portion of Maury's correspondence about his works, press releases and a catalog of his published works, the original copies of the vast majority of his published compositions and some unpublished ones, and a posthumous audio recording of some major performances of his works
The Juilliard School - Lila Acheson Wallace Library
Published music, manuscripts and manuscript facsimiles, mainly for piano solo. Highlights include: piano works by Charles-Valentin Alkan published by S. Richault and Costallat; a holograph of the 1st and 3rd movements from the piano suite From my diary by Roger Sessions; holograph facsimiles of works by Hugh Aitken, Benjamin Lees and William Mayer; a compilation of songs, vocal duets and piano solos by various composers published under diverse imprints dating from 1834 to 1844 and bound together subsequent to publication; and a series of study guides on piano repertory authored by Joseph Bloch with Peter Coraggio
New York Public Library
An unidentified piano student works on Robert Schumann's Kinderscenen, with Pachta giving performance advice
New York Public Library
An unidentified piano student works on Mozart's Fantasy in D minor, K. 397 with Pachta giving performance advice
New York Public Library
Business and personal correspondence, pedagogical notes, clippings, programs, photographs, and other papers relating to the careers of Rosina and Josef Lhevinne
New York Public Library
An unidentified piano student works on Bela Bartok's Mikrokosmos, with Pachta giving performance advice
Brigham Young University - Harold B. Lee Library
Papers and scrapbooks relating to her work in humanities and music at Ricks College, her role as mother and wife, and position as 1978 Idaho Mother of the Year. Collection includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, personal journal (1976-1979), class syllabi, grant applications, and papers written for publication and presentation. Includes information on the 1976 Teton Dam disaster


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