Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
The bulk of this collection consists of printed ephemera produced by exhibitors at the fair to promote their products. There are brochures, fliers, trade cards, advertising literature, and giveaways promoting a wide range of contemporary consumer, professional, and industrial products, including clothing, textiles, sewing equipment, jewelry, food and food services, storage equipment, fire extinguishers, laundry supplies, medicines, furniture, heating equipment, window shades, building materials, cooking and eating utensils, tool and machine manufacturing companies, restaurants, hotels, photography, lithography, art, writing materials, and merchants. One group of trade cards represents foreign businesses that exhibited at the fair. There are also transportation schedules for routes to Chicago, an album of train tickets for routes to the fair, and information promoting lodgings and attractions in Chicago itself. Forms that would have been used by fair exhibitors make up another segment ... Read More
University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of miscellaneous memorabilia commemorating historic events: 1. souvenir of Appomatox, a pewter drinking cup from the mess chest of General John B. Gordon ; 2. wood from the McLean house at Appomattox accompanying a typescript describing the incident ; 3. flooring from Independence Hall, Philadelphia ; 4. packet of sand from San Salvador Island where Columbus first set foot in the New World ; 5. nail from Fort Massachusetts, Ship Island, Gulfport, Mississippi ; 6. playing card from a survivor of the Lusitania with a note concerning the event ; 7. impression of a seal found at Fort Frederica, Georgia ; 8. four used United States commemorative postage stamps honoring James Edward Oglethorpe and the founding of Georgia ; 9. piece of the fuselage of the Graf Zeppelin, first commercial trans-oceanic aircraft (1924) with post card ; 10. scrap of the tablecloth on which the Japanese signed the surrender papers at the conclusion of World War II ; 11. vial of ashes of ... Read More
National Library of Australia
An arrangement of 8 playing cards. Suits include: spades on fish and line floats, hearts as hats, diamonds as hats and boxes, clubs as head and shoulders of Napoleon looking at a sunrise
Indiana University
Collection of playing cards and related ephemera manufactured by a variety of companies, circa 1800-2008. Playing cards include numerous examples of the ace of spades, jokers, and blank cards. Those with rule cards and instruction booklets describe card games such as auction bridge, contract bridge, and pinochle
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Collection of packs of playing cards, both manuscript and printed, from early 16th century to early 20th century. Most packs incomplete. Includes cards from: Austria, China, England, France, Germany, Hindustan, Hopi Tribe, Japan, Korea, Spain, Sweden, United States, and others
Yale University
This collection consists chiefly of photographic materials created circa 1850-1978 that depict American Indians. It includes informal and studio portraits, as well as photographs that show the natural and built environment of the American West. Images of the American West include views of cities and towns, mining and logging operations, railroads, and natural scenery
Yale University
Bound MS in an unidentified hand containing rules of the card game l'hombre
Yale University
Sample book of playing cards manufactured by the Irish Playing Card Manufacturing Company, circa 1938. The cards affixed to pages of the book show examples of cards for various playing card lines offered by the company. Playing card lines represented in the volume include: The Country, Countryside, Emerald, Glacie, Keltic, Lake & Mountain View, Parrott Design, Shamrock, Society, and Yachting Series. A product description sheet affixed to the front cover describes the cards, including their manufacture in the Irish Free State. A price list affixed to the back cover provides wholesale and retail prices printed in the currency of Great Britain, as well as pencil inscriptions for prices in United States currency, dated September 26, 1938
National Library of Australia
Woolloomooloo, Sydney. Outside the Matthew Talbot (homeless men's shelter). People congregated after a meal, a change of clothes etc. The residents from the Kings Cross tunnel dwelling come down here to use the shelter's facilities and catch up with friends. Photo taken 1995


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