Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Newspapers, handouts, and other material from Democratic National Committee, various other sub-units of the Democratic Party, and other sources, relating to the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Topics include press coverage; security; Richard J. Daley; internal planning; credentials; the party platform; candidates, including Lar Daly, Richard Hughes, Hubert Humphrey, Edward Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy, George McGovern, Edmund Muskie, and George Wallace; non-party groups at the convention; and the protests and demonstrations held in Chicago during the convention. Includes a 1968 pamphlet on the Socialist Labor Party, and reports and papers prepared by Republican Coordinating Committee
Maine Historical Society
Contains materials from local caucuses, 2016 March 6; information about delegates to the Maine state convention; sample ballots; and the program of the convention, held 2016 May 6-7
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Family correspondence (1899, 1915-1924); political correspondence (1926-1934, 1950-1951, and 1952), including information relating to the 1952 Republican National Convention in Chicago, Ill., to which Lillehaugen was a delegate; and newspaper clippings concerning various state issues, particularly agriculture and farms, banking, prohibition, the death penalty, and compulsory military training. Includes information pertaining to Lillehaugen's activities with National Nonpartisan League, his terms in North Dakota House of Representatives (1926, 1932, and 1940-1954), and his directorship of Whitman Equity Elevator & Trading Co., Whitman, N.D.
Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
This collection consists of records (1904) reflecting the efforts of the Democratic Party Central Committee of Silver Bow County, Mont., to retain its delegation to the state convention. The records include minutes, a certified copy of the 1902 nominations of the Democratic Party of Silver Bow County, proceedings of the county convention, a list of delegates and alternates to the state convention, a list of candidates for office, and certificates of election of delegates and alternates from the various precincts. Also included is a signed statement by the county clerk of his refusal to file a certificate submitted by the Democratic Party as, "there are two bodies of men in this County who claim to represent the Democratic Party," and a receipt for auditorium rental
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence with U.S. presidents, politicians, authors, and other prominent figures, and with Englishmen in public life; campaign and other speeches; scrapbooks of clippings relating to campaigns and other topics and obituaries; photos of Depew; and photo album of 1892 Republican Convention in Minneapolis, Minn. Topics include New York Central Railroad Company. Correspondents include Winston Churchill, Timothy Dwight, King Edward VII, Benjamin Harrison, Robert Todd Lincoln, Levi P. Morton, Whitelaw Reid, Theodore Roosevelt, Elihu Root, and William K. Vanderbilt
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Chiefly Roudebush's congressional papers (1967-1969), including papers relating to legislation on agriculture, air traffic safety, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, housing programs, civil rights, defense spending, crime, flood control in Colorado River Basin and Wabash River Valley, air pollution control, Job Corps, veterans' benefits, and food production and preservation; papers relating to other issues before Congress, including the seating of Adam Clayton Powell, nomination of Abe Fortas as Supreme Court chief justice, Vietnamese War, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, lowering of voting age to eighteen, and House Un-American Activities Committee; constituents' correspondence; papers relating to Republican National Committee and 1968 Republican National Convention, Miami Beach, Fla.; records relating to Roudebush's 1966 and 1968 campaigns; and other papers; together with papers (1971-1976) relating to his service as an official of U.S. Veterans Administration. ... Read More
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Complaint / Olin & Butler, attorneys for plaintiff; George G. Greene, of counsel -- Plaintiff's brief / Olin & Butler, attorneys for plaintiff; George G. Greene, of counsel -- Plaintiff's brief: restatement of plaintiff's contention as to the construction of Section 35 / Olin & Butler, attorneys for plaintiff; George G. Greene, of counsel -- Brief for plaintiff on motions for judgement / George G. Greene, of counsel -- Answer of defendant / H.W. Chynoweth, attorney; R.M. Bashford, John Barnes, I.L. Lenroot, of counsel -- Brief of defendant / H.W. Chynoweth, attorney; I.L. Lenroot, of counsel -- Brief for defendant / R.M. Bashford, of counsel -- Brief of John Barnes, of counsel for the defendant
Columbus State University - Simon Schwob Memorial Library
The collection consists of papers of Alva C. Smith from ca. 1908-1960. The papers mainly include printed material collected by Smith on a variety of topics relating to Columbus and Bibb County, Georgia. Of particular interest are materials relating to Smith's activities with the Office of Price Administration during World War II. The collection also contains extensive political materials including ballots (1919-1960) for nearly every local, state, and national election. The ballots document not only the primary and general elections but also special elections pertaining to taxation, bond issues, and school consolidations. Other political materials in the collection include information on state and national Democratic and Republican (only 1952 and 1956) conventions, right wing propaganda (1950s), and rules and regulations of the State Democratic Party (1950s)
University of California, Berkeley


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