Hanover College - Agnes Brown Duggan Library
Two speeches from Hanover College student John H. Holliday given in 1863 and 1864. The first address, entitled Conservatists, was given at the 23rd Annual Spring Exhibition of the Philalethean Society of Hanover College on 25 March 1863. In it, he discusses discusses republican government and the problems of politics since the founding of the country through to the works of Abraham Lincoln. He also mentions the secession of the South and the Civil War in regards to a revolt against Conservativism. The second speech, Go in Lemons, was given 29 March 1864 before the Philalethean Society. The address discusses the times and feelings of US citizens as the Civil War draws to a close. Holliday views the future with hope and as a great opportunity for the educated
Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives
The Southern Baptist Convention Agency Charters (1907-1928) contains eight folders. The collection includes copies of the following agency charters: Baptist Bible Institute, Foreign Mission Board, Home Mission Board, Relief and Annuity Board, Southern Baptist Assembly, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Sunday School Board, and the amended charter of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Researchers should note that this collection is in the same document box as the Joe W. Burton Collection (AR 159)
Rutgers University Libraries
The records document what Consumers' Research saw as left-wing or communist infiltration into politics, religion, and the arts and sciences in the United States between 1935 and 1980. Included are newspaper and magazine clippings, correspondence, periodicals, and memoranda. Letters are mostly from F.J. Schlink and concern Consumer's Research's attempts at supplying the FBI, the Pentagon, and the Special House Committee on Un-American Activities (Martin Dies, chairman) with information on leftist activities. Subjects concern left wing infiltration into newspapers, magazines, books, advertisement, foundations, libraries, entertainment, radio, television, film, art, music, theatre, literature, college professors, colleges, schools, textbooks, churches, government, the armed forces, veteran's organizations, the United Nations, business and the rich, consumer organizations, women's clubs, civic organizations, science, individual scientists, and scientific organizations. Also included are ... Read More
University of Notre Dame - Hesburgh Library
Correspondence of editors Waldemar Gurian, Matthew Fitzsimons, Frederick Crosson, and Donald Kommers, 1950-1972, 1979-1981, 1987; chronological correspondence file of managing editor Thomas T. McAvoy, CSC, 1944-1966; subscription correspondence, 1949-1951, 1969; lists of journal exchanges, 1954-1955; and material for issues, 1980-1981
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries
The materials in this collection document the legislative and state senate activities of Mike Malone, former Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer, who was a Nevada state assemblyman from 1979-1985 and a state senator from 1986-1990. The collection highlights the work of the committees Malone was on during his time in those offices, and materials include many different types of Senate and Assembly bills, campaign materials, news clippings, and minute books, especially from the 1983 and 1989 legislative sessions
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries
Aaron Williams papers (1965-1981) contain papers of the first African American elected to a local municipal position in the history of Nevada when he became a North Las Vegas City Councilman in 1968. Williams served on the council until he was elected to the Clark County Commission in 1971. The scrapbooks and newspaper clippings document Williams career as well as issues he dealt with as councilman and commissioner. These issues include those related to community and infrastructure development, such as airports, sewage treatment plants, senior citizens, health, and urban planning as well as North Las Vegas and Clark county political activities during the late 1960s and early 1970s. In addition, many of the clippings and some of the correspondence contain references that give insight to the role of women, particularly black women, in North Las Vegas and Clark County during the late 1960's and early 1970's
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Political treatise on divine right of kings
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Three political treatises, followed by four unrelated treatises
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Ohio Wesleyan University - L.A. Beeghly Library
The collection consists of the papers of Rev. James B. Finley, Methodist Episcopal clergyman in Ohio and missionary to the Wyandot (Wyandott) Indians. Included in the collection are correspondence, diary and recipe book, addresses, articles, ms. of autobiography (1853), sermons, documents, business papers and marriage licenses (1829-1847). Materials relate to the early Methodist Episcopal Church in the Ohio area, the Wyandot (Wyandott) Indian Mission at Upper Sandusky (prior to removal to the West), slavery, temperance, and the Ohio Penitentiary. The collection contains 1227 letters written to James B. Finley from ministers, church members, family members, business associates, etc. A few of the letters were written by James B. Finley. The correspondence has been indexed and abstracted. It is organized alphabetically


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