University of Oregon
The collection includes information on the Pacifica Forum and the Emerald Chamber Players including articles, newsletters, writings by Etter, material on the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and subject files
Yale University - Harvey Cushing / John Hay Whitney Medical Library
The collection consists of letters written by John J. Cushing from San Francisco to his mother, brother Edward, and sister Susan Cushing Cheney, in Providence, Rhode Island. They contain information on a wide variety of subjects including his homeopathic medical practice, relation to regular physicians, gold and copper mining (he owned a copper mine in Arizona), economic conditions, social life, San Francisco politics, his marriage, and the construction of his house
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
This collection contains a total of 6 broadsides, 4 by Posada and 2 by Manilla, all of which were printed by Antonio Vanegas Arroyo in Mexico City
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
This collection consists of photos, book and newspaper publications, and family, political, and business documents relating to the Ibarra family and Venezuela. The collection documents the personal, social, and political life of the Ibarra family and its associates in 18th, 19th and 20th century South America. The collection documents not only the Ibarra's family history and their social and political accomplishments, but also provides document resources to study Venezuelan history. The bulk of the material in this collection relates primarily to Ibarra family history and genealogy including many photos of family members and Ibarra residences long with documents and charts. Much of the correspondence in the collection relates to personal, family and business matters including letters, documents and poems written by women in the family reflecting the issues of women in post-colonial times. Correspondence, newspapers, and book publications also document the political careers and pay ... Read More
University of California, Berkeley
Includes original drawings executed by California cartoonist and caricaturist Fred Lundy throughout his career, chiefly for publication in magazines. Most works are preliminary sketches, studies and other unfinished drawings; only a few apparently finished, publication-ready pieces are included. General subjects -- most treated with a humorous slant -- include war; international, national and local California politics; religion; transportation; advertising; journalism; health; recreation; crime; sports; science and technology; holidays; education and social customs; in addition to many other topics. Also includes a small number of works done for prospective cartoon series El Gintaro, Gingee and Teen Craze, as well as a small number of drawings for advertisements. Some drawings are accompanied by clippings featuring the published cartoon. Many works bear annotations refering to the professional gag writers with whom Lundy collaborated, as well as other aspects of the cartoon trade. ... Read More
Nicholls State University, Ellender - Ellender Memorial Library
This collection documents Taylor's life and political career through newspaper articles, photographs, slides, professional correspondence, financial records of her office, awards and speeches, campaign materials, and her obituaries. The collection also includes records of Taylor's involvement in the controversial Mardi Gras Anti-Discrimination Ordinance of 1991 in New Orleans
Filson Historical Society
Letters written from William McBride in Madison Co., MS to his father Daniel and brother Edward in Henderson, KY. McBride writes of his law practice, the corruption in local law enforcement, politics, crop proces, and the Gold Rush. He was a slaveholder, and several of the letters contain references to slaves and even messages from the slaves
University of Arizona
This collection is primarily concerned with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the movement to research and prove that the assassination was a conspiracy/cover-up with the aim at finding the truth. The collection includes correspondence, ephemera, newsletters, publications and extensive clippings (magazine and newspaper). The collection documents the subculture of conspiracy theorists and researchers and the manner in which they shared ideas and information through various channels including small shops and self-publishing. This collection also contains audio visual materials including commercial and amateur audio cassettes, VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs and a Super 8 film. There are a limited number of photographs, mostly of the Assassination Symposium on JFK held in 1992. The strongest part of the collection is the runs of newsletters on conspiracy theories including: The Continuing Inquiry, The Third Decade, The Fourth Decade, Echoes of Conspiracy, Grassy Knoll Gazette, ... Read More
Cornell University Libraries
Seven letters: four ALS to Goldwin Smith, dated May 18, 1861, January 30, 1884, June 19, 1885, and January 16, 1886, three of which discuss the political situation in England and Ireland; one ALS to Frederic Harrison, dated November 8, [1875], concerning books; one ALS to John Morley, Viscount Morley of Blackburn, dated March 11, 1871, concerning a book; one ALS to Edward J. Collings, April 7, 1884, tipped into Rare PR 4581 F73+ v.3 (p.552)


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