Getty Research Institute
Collection consists of handbills, broadsides and programs for circuses, music halls (Apollo Theater and the Winter-Garten, Berlin, Emile Nauke's Variété, Hamburg) and historical dioramas (the Battle of Sedan, Berlin, the destruction of Pompeii, Copenhagen), etc
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
(Rock scene, May 1976) -- -- (Rock scene, May 1976) -- -- Charles Shaar Murray -- (Musical express, Oct. 23, 1976) -- -- Stephen Demorest -- (Sounds, Jan. 21, 1978) -- -- (Rock scene, June 1978) -- -- Andy Schwartz -- (New York rocker, June-July 1979) -- -- (All the young dudes, 197-
University of California, Berkeley
Includes original drawings executed by California cartoonist and caricaturist Fred Lundy throughout his career, chiefly for publication in magazines. Most works are preliminary sketches, studies and other unfinished drawings; only a few apparently finished, publication-ready pieces are included. General subjects -- most treated with a humorous slant -- include war; international, national and local California politics; religion; transportation; advertising; journalism; health; recreation; crime; sports; science and technology; holidays; education and social customs; in addition to many other topics. Also includes a small number of works done for prospective cartoon series El Gintaro, Gingee and Teen Craze, as well as a small number of drawings for advertisements. Some drawings are accompanied by clippings featuring the published cartoon. Many works bear annotations refering to the professional gag writers with whom Lundy collaborated, as well as other aspects of the cartoon trade. ... Read More
University of California, Berkeley
Handbills and promotional fliers promoting rave parties and nightclub events, chiefly in the San Francisco Bay Area. A few events in Portland, Oregon, in London (U.K.), and other cities are also represented. Most are colorfully illustrated with visual references to popular culture and recreational drugs. Most list featured disc jockeys
Ohio History Connection
Newspaper clippings pertaining mainly to films based on Zane Grey's novels and to Grey's fishing expeditions and records
Whitman College
The collection contains primarily of business correspondence, including fan mail from appreciative listeners. Other business correspondence discusses performance engagements, music selection, and business sponsorship of the Enchanters Quartet's radio show. Snapshots, publicity photographs, and newspaper clippings complete the collection
Lincoln University
Materials include photographs; programs; press releases; newsletters; publicity and promotional items, reports, completed forms; booklets; news clippings; syllabi; handbooks; and biographies with photos of Peace Corps participants -- Topics include theater productions; Act 101/T.I.M.E. program; Lincoln-Princeton Cooperative Program; U.S. Peace Corps training programs; Social Studies Certification Program; Special Services Advisory Board; Blueprint 2000; Transatlantic Images Colloquium; Center for Interfaith Studies; community affairs; popular culture; teacher institutes; and African Americans
Western Washington University - Heritage Resources
The collection consists of off-prints and photocopies of articles and other published contributions in the fields of education, librarianship and popular culture
New York State Library - Manuscripts and Special Collections
This collection contains 1,084 items on World War II dating from December 1941 to December 1945, most of which are posters and a few of which are flyers and booklets. The posters are lithographs where the artists use paintings, photographs, sketches, and/or cartoons to tell a narrative. Over 900 of them have at least two colors -- Almost all of the posters are propaganda pieces promoting the buying of war bonds, refraining from "loose" talk, canning and rationing, recruiting, conserving materials for the war effort, planting victory gardens, and expressing support for the allies. They can be split into three categories: 1) posters that show the strength of the United States compared to their weak enemies, complete with depictions of fists, the use of the red-white-and-blue motif, muscles, tools, artillery; 2) posters that show the stakes and cost of the war, depicting dead and wounded soldiers and terrifying warnings; and 3) posters that teach citizens how they can contribute to the ... Read More


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