University of California, Berkeley
Papers regarding his 1970 political campaign for United States Congress, including correspondence, with letters from Edmund G. Brown, Alan Cranston, Roger Kent, Leo McCarthy, George Moscone, Edmund S. Muskie, Elmer E. Robinson, William M. Roth, Sargent Shriver, Benjamin H. Swig and Jesse Unruh; campaign biographies; statement and position papers; material on campaign strategy and office organization; campaign literature and memorabilia; press releases; radio and TV spots; campaign schedule; research material gathered by his staff on various issues including Vietnam; background material on his opponent, William S. Mailliard; clippings; public opinion studies; etc. Some post-election papers, 1970-1972 also included
New Hampshire State Library- New Hampshire Automated Information System
Correspondence with New Hampshire State Senator David Currier, schedules, newspaper articles (1995-1997), speeches, position papers, promotional materials, and printed matter relating to Steve Forbes' 1996 and 2000 New Hampshire presidential primary campaigns -- Promotional materials include mailings, lapel buttons, and a t-shirt
New Hampshire State Library- New Hampshire Automated Information System
Brochures, ballots, newspaper articles, correspondence, and video relating to the 2000 New Hampshire presidential primary. Items were collected as a result of reception held at the New Hampshire Historical Society by the Library and Archives of New Hampshire's Political Tradition on January 26, 2000 for the second tier candidates -- Includes some related paperwork created by the Library, and a video recording of the event
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Photographs, 1968, of Senator Eugene J. McCarthy of Minnesota, his wife, Abigail, and his daughters Margaret, Ellen, Mary and son Michael, some made by newspapers, during his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, including campaign appearances. Also included, copy photographs of wedding and other family photographs, 1945-1967
University of Oregon
Jesse Jewell Gard (1902-1967) was educated in banking at Rutgers University, worked for various banks in Oregon and was an active member of the Republican Party, serving on the Republican National Committee for many years. The collection contains political files, business and professional records, civic files, personal correspondence, and memorabilia. The political files consist of correspondence and documents relating to the Presidential campaigns of 1952, 1956, and 1960 and for the senatorial campaigns of Wayne Morse (1950), Guy Cordon (1954), and Edwin R. Durno (1962), and a file of correspondence about the candidacy of Harold J. Warner for Oregon Supreme Court justice (1950). Also included here are correspondence and minutes of the Oregon Republican party, the state Central Committee, Republican Western Conferences, and Republican leaders. Notable leaders include Mrs. Marshall E. Cornett, Leonard W. Hall, Wayne L. Morse, and Walter Norblad. The business and professional files ... Read More
University of Oregon
Consists primarily of correspondence, but also includes background material for speeches, manuscripts, organizational material for groups founded by Holdridge, legal documents, tapes, photographs, and publications
University of Virginia Library
Correspondence, party literature, campaign material, memorabilia, and video tapes, of the national and state Libertarian parties, including records of the 1976 presidential campaign of Roger Lea MacBride, consisting of correspondence and memoranda of MacBride and his campaign committee, particularly national chairman Edward H. Crane and national campaign director Robert H. Meier, position papers, publicity material, press releases, agendas, itineraries, convention material, and speeches by MacBride and running mate David P. Bergland, covering such topics as secret service protection for minor party candidates, Federal Elections Campaign Act of 1971, local and state party organization, publicity, fund raising, and party efforts to get on state ballots; records of Wisconsin Libertarian Party including correspondence of Alyn W. Hess, party spokesman and Gay Peoples Union (Milwaukee, Wis.) president, as well as party constitution and literature, memoranda, and newspapers, chiefly relating ... Read More
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Materials relating to New York State politics and constitutional convention (1967), state-city relations, International League for Human Rights, International Rescue Committee, and New York City Board of Corrections. Includes speeches, correspondence, notes, schedules for Robert Kennedy's trips abroad, and 1968 presidential campaign materials
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Diary (1927) of Vestal's trip to California and Alaska; records of assistance to World War I soldiers and their families from his district; speeches; journal and copies of newspaper headlines (1917) made by Vestal; invitations, programs, and announcements (1927-1932) for social events in Washington, D.C.; and newspaper and magazine clippings (1917-1932) regarding Vestal's work as U.S. representative and Republican majority whip in Congress. Papers of his wife, Hulda Malone Vestal, include her diaries (1920, 1925-1932); correspondence and other papers (ca. 1940) regarding her work with Wendell Willkie Notification Committee, principally concerning planning for the official notification ceremony in Elwood, Ind.; family and personal business correspondence (1932-1938); and reports (1932-1933) on clothing production by Red Cross volunteers in Anderson
Massachusetts Historical Society
Sixth-plate daguerreotype in leather case of the Massachusetts legislator and governor Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin) Butler (1818-1893). The photograph was taken ca. 1855-1860 by an unknown photographer


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