Columbia University
Recollections of Allard Lowenstein; involvement in civil rights movement; perceptions of Lowenstein by Students for a Democratic Society and Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee activists; connection between National Student Association and Students for a Democratic Society; anti-communism; Helsinki Conference;Dump Johnson movement; 1968 presidential election and anti-war movement; Chicago Democratic Convention; Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions; recollections of Dennis Sweeney
Columbia University
Recollections of Allard Lowenstein: meeting at North Carolina State University, early 1960s; assessment of Lowenstein as a political science instructor; early mobilization of the civil rights movement; Lowenstein's trip to Dominican Republic; beginning of anti-war movement; Dump Johnson campaign; participation in Lowenstein's successful 1968 congressional bid; 1968 presidential campaign; Lowenstein's career track during 1970s; funeral service in New York City; discussion of David Harris' "Dreams Die Hard.".
Columbia University
Recollections of Allard K. Lowenstein; roles in various Lowenstein campaigns; media in campaigns; relationship with student movements; 1968 elections; anti-war movement; Lowenstein and Edward Kennedy; Robert Kennedy assassination; heroes of Lowenstein; United Nations; operations of district office; Lowenstein staff; family life
University of Virginia
Includes correspondence, newsclippings and releases, membership lists, programs for rallies, and a short history of the movement "The Eugene McCarthy campaign in Virginia--1968." Of interest is a letter, 1968 March 18, from John D. Lyle, Richmond, to Williams requesting help in starting a McCarthy movement at the Richmond Professional Institute
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
The William Stull Holt papers cover the life and career of the American history professor through correspondence, diaries, photographs, reports, speeches, writings and other materials. The bulk of the collection relates to Holt's academic posts and several of the major correspondents are comprised of fellow University of Washington faculty members, as well as colleagues from other institutions, including Douglass Adair, Arthur Bestor, Robert E. Burke, Warren Cohen, Giovanni Costigan, Donald Emerson, Lawrence Gelfand, Kent Greenfield, Solomon Katz, Thomas Pressly, Max Savelle, Robert Skotheim and Dennis Strong. Other correspondents reflect Holt's political activities and include such notable figures as Brock Adams; his affiliation with the Democratic Party at the local and national level is further represented through conference and convention files. Also of note among Holt's professional papers is a 1953 reel to reel audiotape recording of lectures given by Holt and Savelle. His ... Read More
Minnesota Historical Society
Correspondence, circular materials, name lists, newspaper clippings, campaign literature, a poster, and miscellany relating primarily to the organization and activities of Minnesota groups supporting the nomination of Minnesota senator Eugene McCarthy for President of the United States in 1968, and to the organization of and attendance at precinct caucuses, activities in which Mary Heffernan and her husband, Saint Paul attorney Donald J. Heffernan, were active
Minnesota Historical Society
The Hubert H. Humphrey papers include several series of files detailing various aspects of his life and career, including his service as Minneapolis mayor (1945-1948), his first tenure as United States Senator from Minnesota (1949-1964), service as Vice President of the United States (1965-1968), as well as materials pertaining to his family and personal life and his 1968 presidential and 1970 senate campaigns
Minnesota Historical Society
Files of John S. Connelly as the group's Minnesota president, with correspondence, financial records, campaign literature, worker lists, and scrapbooks of clippings documenting the organization's promotion of Eugene J. McCarthy for U.S. president in the 1968 and 1972 elections
Columbia University
Personality, leadership abilities of Allard K. Lowenstein; "Dump Johnson" campaign, 1968; Anti-Vietnam War movement; Civil Rights movement; Coalition for an Open Convention, Democratic National Convention, 1968; Edward Kennedys̀ bid for Democratic nomination for president, 1980; California Democratic Party politics
University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection contains three audiocassette tapes, one DVD, two phonodiscs, four quarter-inch open reel audio tapes, one VHS videocassette, and one two-inch open reel video tape, and one 16mm film containing interviews and programs documenting Callaway's political career


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