University of South Carolina
Press releases issued by Johnston's office; including drafts of unreleased statements; topics include agriculture, textile industry, postal affairs, construction of postal facilities, appointments, and related documentation; other files document releases, 1949-1965, made by Johnston's wife, Gladys Johnston; and releases received from the White House
Cornell University Libraries
French Revolution period caricatures mainly concerning the three estates of France, the nationalization of church property, privileges of the clergy and nobility, despotism, the constitution of 1791, and the political process. Included are Adieu Bastille, Le Dentiste National, and La Nation Française Assistée de M. de la Fayette. Includes one German caricature by P. Scherz, engraved by Brunee. Napoleonic period caricatures consist mainly of hand-colored engravings and etchings, many of them French or German caricatures of Napoleon which satirize his military setbacks or note the carnage caused by his military campaigns. These include Triumph des Jahres 1813, Ach! Papa, Welche schöne Seifenblasen hast du gemacht, and Georges édenté -- All French Revolution period prints are anonymous except for one item by Benjamin, lithographed by Becquet, and one engraving drawn by Geissler. Artists for later prints include J.J. Grandville, Jean-Baptiste Isabey, and Charles Philipon. Most ... Read More
Georgia State University - Special Collections and Archives
The collection consists of an oral history interview with Ken Posten on July 19, 1994 in which he discusses the history of Catoosa County; influence of Chattanooga on N.W. Georgia counties; influence of politics on early life; reasons for being Democrat; early involvement in political campaigns; J.B. Stoner; Norman Underwood; Hamilton Jordan; David Broder; first election; Tom Murphy; Petroleum Council of Georgia; petroleum retail divorcement; marriage; Doug Teper; Max Cleland; Denmark Groover; health problems; reappportionment; ethics legislation; Hilred Shumake; wedding gift controversy; Charles Weltner; funding for Ringgold welcome center; Nathan Deal; DuBose Porter; Reform Caucus; slush funds; Henrietta Turnquest; Pierre Howard; House sex toy incident; Ray Holland; political tactics; House Republicans; failure of bipartisan alliances; Murphy "threatening lawyer" incident; primary opposition; Ron Fennell; "Green Door" (budget) committee; Bubba McDonald; Black Caucus; confilts with ... Read More
Georgia State University - Special Collections and Archives
The collection consists of an oral history interview with Jack Nelson on October 30, 1993 in which he discusses family background; first newspaper jobs; beginnings as an investigative reporter; Slim Dykes; Camp Stewart reporting; protection from the Army; Phoenix City; lottery in Atlanta in 1957; Lieutenant Marion Jenkins; Ralph McGill; William Hartsfield; Bill Fields; Horace Ingram's garage; the lottery queen, Marla Hodges; Milledgeville hospital investigation; drafting affidavits; Wallace Gibson; nurse performing surgery; Dr. Joe Cones; Buford Quinn; B. Brooks; sources for investigation; Dr. Erville McKinnon; reforms after story; Dr. Corbett Thigpen; Dr. Benny Holland; Athens vice story; photographer Bill Young; visiting brothels; Pulitzer Prize; nominated for awards; corruption in Marvin Griffin administration; Baxter road story; Robert Alwyn "Cheney" Griffin; Candler Jones purchasing scandal; Caribe shipping line; Marvin Griffin; intimidation; and Jimmy Carter
Georgia State University - Special Collections and Archives
The collection consists of a videotaped oral history interview with Lester Maddox, Carl Sanders, Herman Talmadge, and S. Ernest Vandier on October 31, 1985 in which they discuss Talmadge's claim that he represented views of the people in the desegregation of schools; Vandiver's regret of "no not one" statement; Vandiver's response to being accused of being middle of the road"; Vandiver's involvement in the creation of the Sibley Commission; Sanders' 1962 campaign; Sanders' view that the schools should not be closed due to forced desegregation; Sanders' view of the invalidation of the county unit system; Sanders on the corruption of Marvin Griffin; Sanders relationship with Griffin; Maddox on the tradition of segregation in Georgia and the United States; Maddox's view of the quota system and affirmative action; Maddox meeting with black leaders after his election; Maddox's preparation for racial violence after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.; and Maddox's opinion of former ... Read More
Georgia State University - Special Collections and Archives
The collection consists of an oral history interview with Ellis Arnall on July 24, 1971 in which he discusses his support of Carmichael in the 1946 governor's race; politics; Roy Harris; the nomination of Harry S. Truman for Vice President in 1944; Franklin D. Roosevelt's political philosophy; diplomacy (the U-2 incident); John F. Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs; E.D. Rivers' administration; Arnall's destruction of records when leaving office; three-governor controversy; James Cox and Rivers; 1938 governors race; Jimmy Carter; Rivers and the highway department; Jim Gillis; Lint Miller; Marvin Griffin; political loyalty; egotism in politics; the warning power of the Ku Klux Klan in politics; George Hamilton and E.D. Rivers in the Klan; Hiram Evans; the rights of states to receive anti-trust settlements; Rivers' racist attitudes; and blacks' place in society
Georgia State University - Special Collections and Archives
The collection consists of an oral history interview with Betty Jean Clark on July 27, 1987 in which she discusses her family background; education and non-political career; how Clark became involved in politics; voter registration; campaign organization and finances; campaign issues; endorsements; impression of legislature; Grace Hamilton; George L. Smith; Tom Murphy; changes in the legislature due to presence of women; Cathey Steinberg; legislative work and levity; how she learned to work in legislature; J.C. Dougherty; Rules Committee; fight for black issues; middle class issues; crime and drugs in Clark's district; welfare; district work and interacting with various governments; legislative calendar; family background; campaigning and campaign opposition; how works to get bills passed; Tom Murphy; the press; legislative process; abortion issue; issues of the aged; legislative accomplishments and disappointments; being a women in the legislature; Clark's impact; attentiveness to ... Read More
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, including that with Indiana Republican State Central Committee, minutes, committee reports and resolutions, financial records, membership lists, and other records
Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
Notes and miscellaneous information on state legislators and state officials that were compiled by Thomas E. Mooney during his time as chief of the state bureau for Lee Newspapers
Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
Correspondence, writings, and other materials of Henry Lowndes Maury -- Collection includes correspondence (1914, 1938-1959) with James E. Murray, Miles Romney, and others concerning state and national politics; political writings and articles for the People's voice (1940-1959); and miscellany


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