Milwaukee Public Library
A collection of articles clipped from various newspapers of the day
Georgia Archives
Reports and subject files made up of photographs, news clippings, correspondence, bulletins, booklets, manuals, field notes, maps, press releases, census reports, and manuscripts collected and created to document World War II in Georgia. Topics include: the war in Georgia, especially in Atlanta and DeKalb County; war work, such as Red Cross blood drives and consumer rationing; African-Americans and white women in Georgia; social and health aspects of the war as developed in Georgia; shipbuilding, such as the Liberty ships, in Brunswick, Glynn Co., GA; bombers, specifically the Bell Aircraft Corporation, known as the Bell Bomber plant, in Marietta, Cobb Co., GA; and many folders on regiments of the army and navy, and their camps, such as Fort Benning
Harry S. Truman Library
Reports (1941-1949) on national and international affairs by McNaughton, a Washington, D.C., and congressional correspondent for Time magazine, news reports by other staff members of Time, rough drafts of Harry Truman--President by McNaughton and Walter Hehmeyer, and other papers
Arkansas History Commission
Electrostatic copies. Includes a Civil War scrapbook containing chiefly newspaper clippings (mostly 1861), but also including a letter (1860) from an unidentified correspondent in Marshall County, Miss., and miscellaneous notes; together with a theater program (1939), and a manuscript article (undated) on Roman marriage customs
University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of news clippings regarding performances presented in Savannah, Georgia
Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
Topics include his duties as a Richland County attorney; his work as a Montana Supreme Court judge; his unsuccessfully campaigns for governor in 1944 and 1950; his unsuccessful run for the U.S. Senate in 1946; and various issues and personalities in Montana politics from the 1930s to the 1970s including farm legislation, labor laws, the Missouri Valley Authority (MVA), the REA, the Anaconda Company's control of the press, and the company's influence on the Montana legislature and U.S. senator Burton K. Wheeler
Brick Store Museum
Includes reports by the press corps (pool reports, interview transcripts, press conference and press briefing transcripts), documents issued by the White House (Presidential statements, appointments to positions, executive orders and legislation, statements by the Press Secretary, etc.), and miscellaneous documents pertaining to President Bush and the press (including notices to the press, schedules and itineraries, and newspapers). The collection is of local interest (Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Me.) because it details local events, places, and people. It is also of interest to a broader base of people because of its record of events of historical significance, and its candid view of the President and the press. It is sorted into a master copy, type of document, duplicates, and newspapers
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Gustavus Adolphus College - Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library
The Press Releases collection contains news releases with information regarding church resolution, leaders, conventions, financial news, and events. The press releases were sent to religious and secular communications media, including print and radio. The National Lutheran Council (NLC) began in 1918 and served eight Lutheran churches as a cooperative organization. Those eight churches eventually merged into two churches, the American Lutheran Church in 1960 and the Lutheran Church in America in 1963. In 1967 the NLC merged with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches to form the Lutheran Council in the USA. The News Bureau which created the press releases was part of the Division of Public Relations


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