Fairfield Museum and History Center
Includes notes of Fr. Fletcher; memorabilia; catalogue of the work of J.T. Arms by Ulrich Kropfl (1971); ms. of "John Taylor Arms, a man for all time, the artist and his work" by Fr. Fletcher; notices of Thomas W. Nason; and a list of prints of Barry Moser
Newark Public Library
"For this new, fancier version of my wallpaper patterns, I adjusted the pattern to make a two-layer print of split fountains, resulting in a super-colorful rainbow rolled interpretation of resistance to both war and repressive social norms nforced by the military.".
Yale University
The papers consist of correspondence; professional, travel, and teaching files; financial and legal papers; printed material; and memorabilia documenting the professional life of graphic artist Fritz Eichenberg
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Curriculum vitae -- Bio -- Bound volume with documentation of personal work, solo shows, group shows, residencies, lectures, academic life highlights, press releases and references -- Exhibition materials, Allographies, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA, 1997 -- Exhibition materials, Mono Tipos Grabados, Instituto Estatal de la Cultura, Museu del Pueblo, Guanajuato, Mexico, 2000 -- Exhibition materials, Museo Casa Diego Rivera, Guanajuato, Mexico, 2006 -- Exhibition materials, Ritual : Works on paper by Miguel Rivera and Soad A. Kader, Cara and Cabezas Contemporary, Kansas City, MO, 2010 -- Artist-in-Residence, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011 -- Exhibition materials, Crossover, Kansas City Artists Coalition, Kansas City, MO, 2012 -- Artist's entry in book by Ana Soler, Anodo-Catodo : Electrolisis y Galvanografia : la Memoria Quimica Esculpida por electrones, 2013, p. 312 -- Exhibition materials, Span & Dialogue : American Contemporary Print Exhibition, Shenzhen, China, ... Read More
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Curriculum vitae -- Book, Jane Voorhees : the Earth Takes Us in Its Embrace, 2009 -- Artist statement -- Exhibition materials, Jane Voorhees and Susan Lawrence Tinker, University of MIssouri Kansas City Gallery of Art, Kansas City, Missouri, 1995 -- Alice Thorson, "Hand Print Press Leaves Stamp on Local Art Community," Kansas City Star, November 1, 1998 -- Elisabeth Kirsch, "Personal Visions Rendered with Assurance," Kansas City Star, November 27, 1998 -- Trent Nelson, "Artist Shares Her Thoughts at Muchnic Gallery," Atchison [Kansas] Globe, 2000 -- Exhibition materials, Kansas Triennial, Mulvane Art Museum, Topeka, Kansas, 2000 -- Exhibition materials, Imagination and Place: Three Perspectives, Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, Kansas, 2001 -- Exhibition materials, Random Thoughts : For Vern, Unitarian Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, 2001 -- Exhibition materials, The Search For Meaning, Stocksdale Gallery of Art, William Jewell College, Liberty, Missouri, 2001 -- Exhibition materials, ... Read More
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Curriculum vitae -- Becky Thoroughgood, "Hill with a View," The Valley : Lebanon Valley College Magazine, Winter 1991 -- Carole Katchen, "Mastering Oil and Water," The Artist's Magazine, October 1995 -- Max Evans, "Artist Enjoys Brush with Life," Olathe Daily News, December 2/3, 1995 -- Max Evans, "Gallery in Big Apple to Display Osa's Art," Olathe Daily News, December 4, 1997-- Joe Henderson, "Artist Brings Local Scenes to New York," Olathe Star/Kansas City Star, December 13, 1997 -- Stanley Cuba, "Doug Osa," Southwest Art, February 1997 -- Dave Lavender, "Artist Offering Tips on Painting the Outdoors," Herald Dispatch, Huntington, WV, June 23-50, 2005 -- Exhibition materials, Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WV, 2005 -- Noemi Herrera, "Artist in Action : Live Pinting Event Serves as Prelude to Hidden Glen Art Festival," Kansas City Star, September 17, 2005 -- Sample pages from americanlegacygallery.com, American Legacy Gallery, Kansas City, MO -- Exhibition cards -- Additional ... Read More
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Resume -- Entry in KCAC's 8th Annual Competition : River Market Regional Exhibition, 1990 -- Dana Self, "Sometimes, Risks Pay Off," Forum, July/August 1991 -- Deanne Pearson, "Tim McCord and Trey Parker in the Main Gallery, KCAC; Bridget Stewart in the Jacqueline B. Charno Gallery, KCAC," 1995 -- KCAC's 15th Annual Competition : River Market Regional Exhibition, 1997 -- Exhibition materials, Inked in Time : Six Centuries of Printed Masterpieces, Kansas City, MO, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, 1998 -- Alice Thorson, "Hand Print Press leaves stamp on local art community," Kansas City Star, November 1, 1992 -- Exhibition materials Lingua et Imago: a collaboration with the UMKC Hand Print Press and The Writers Place, 1998 -- Artist selected 1999 Charlotte Street Fund grant recipient -- Alice Thorson, " Charlotte Street Fund winners get funds, encouragement," Kansas City Star, May 2, 1999 -- Exhibition materials Charlotte Street Fund, 1999, H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art ... Read More
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Biography -- Exhibition history -- Artist's statement -- Erin Fitzgerald, "Open Studios Features Wide Spectrum of KC Art," Kansas City Star, October 12, 2002 -- Gloria Gale, artist profile, KC Jewish Life, Summer 2003 -- Andrew Gaug, "Albrecht-Kemper Hosts Trotter's Landscapes," St. Joe Live, November 14, 2013 -- Reproductions -- Additional materials and exhibition announcements
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
The Library's collection of study photographs and clippings contains reference photographs and clippings of art objects from a vast array of geographic locations. The collection contains photographs and clippings of sculpture, decorative arts, architecture (locations), and paintings/drawings/prints in the following geographic categories: American, British, French, German, Italian, the Low Countries, Scandinavian, Spanish, Swiss, Miscellaneous European/Western tradition, Egyptian, Ancient Civilization, Byzantine, African, Pre-Columbian American Art, Prehistoric, Near East, Far East, and Oceania. This collection began with the purchase of Willem Rudolf Juynboll's clippings collection, but was augmented in many ways and from several sources. Other major sources of material include the Duveen Collection, purchases from the Courtauld Institute, and an Alinari subscription. The collection also includes material from independent photographers and clippings from auction catalogues collected ... Read More
Brooklyn Museum
Installation views of an exhibition held from 0/03/1981 to 01/03/1982 at the Brooklyn Museum


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