New Jersey Historical Society
This collection contains three personal letters between members of the Oakes family, a few newspaper clippings concerning wool, meal and flour prices, two business cards, a few stamped envelopes, as well as a school roster. The three letters were written between the years 1856-1865 and represent correspondence between brothers Thomas and George A. Oakes, as well as between Thomas and his father David Oakes. There is mention of both business matters and mention of the death of a mutual acquaintance in the letters between the brothers. Of interesting note, in regards to the 1857 letter, is the mention of a show performed by 'three darkies' in which one of them, a female, could have 'passed for a darkie but was nearly as white as I am'. One of the documents included in this collection is a local school roster for three school sessions between 1848-1849. Although the identity of the school for which this roster was used is undeterminable, it most likely was for a school in the Central ... Read More
Loyola Marymount University
The collection contains the records of LAAMP (Los Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project). The holdings in this collection document the entire history of LAAMP, from its beginning in 1994 to its disbanding in 2001. The majority of the collection's holdings consists of textual materials: subject files, correspondence, minutes and agendas of committee meetings, reports and studies, brochures, and publications on educational reforms. Also, a few photos and disks are included in the collection. Materials dating before 1994 did not originate with LAAMP, but were utilized by LAAMP as source material
University of Tennessee at Martin - Paul Meek Library
One volume contains the minutes of the Martin, Tennessee Board of Education starting in May of 1909 and continuing to June of 1912. The second volume consist of the minutes taken from January of 1936 to September of 1938. Includes dictation of activities of the monthly board meetings, loose records and the lists of board members and teachers employed by the city
New Jersey Historical Society
Consists of Dorothy Clark's New Jersey Board of Education Teaching Certificate issued by the Permanent Normal School in Newark in 1917, a 1917 Ocean County Department of Public Instruction teaching certification slip which certifies that Dorothy Clark is authorized to teach and is therefore eligible to recieve public school money for services when rendered, and her teacher's contract for the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach, Ocean County, N.J., dated May 7, 1917
Cincinnati Museum Center - Cincinnati Historical Library and Archives
Consists of papers primarily from her years as a board member of the Cincinnati Public Schools. The papers include reports, correspondence, speeches, awards, clippings, financial statements, policies, collective labor agreements and a certificate of election. The school-related topics include finance, school integration (including the case of Mona Bronson et al v. Board of Education), school closings, vocational and special education, the forced retirement of Robert P. Curry, discipline, achievement tests, artwork, the teachers' union, sexual education, etc. There is also information concerning the United Cerebral Palsy of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Technical College as well as a proposal from BB Riverboats to add their services to the Cincinnati riverfront
Rutgers University Libraries
Minutes, July 24, 1894-November 23, 1901, of regular and special meetings
University of Florida - George A. Smathers Libraries
News clippings, press releases, speeches, correspondence, reports, publications, photographs -- Subject files created by Friedman during his service with the Florida Department of Education, primarily news clippings pertaining to public education in Florida. Major subjects covered include desegration/integration in Florida education and the 1968 statewide teacher strike. Other topics include education legislation, textbooks, school construction, federal aid, adult education, the Civil Rights Act, teacher certification, the Florida Education Association, school auto tags, teacher wages, and the history of education in the State. In addition to Friedman's own correspondence, much of the correspondence and speeches are by Florida State Superintendents of Public Instruction, Thomas D. Bailey and Floyd T. Christian. The majority of the photographs are not dated and unidentified but they were probably created for use in news media
University of Washington
Photographs of school buildings in Coulee Dam School District #401 and Grand Coulee School District #55-201-20-18. Notes typed on verso of photographs on April 27, 1949 indicate that these photos were intended to show the contrast in quality between the two school districts' facilities


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