Getty Research Institute
The 33 fliers and posters by Pettibon advertise performances by the Los Angeles punk rock band, Black Flag. In addition to showcasing Pettibon's irreverent graphic style, they also provide a view of Black Flag's activities at the time, such as their mostly Los Angeles area venues and the bands with whom they played, including: Adolescents, The Mutants, Misfits, Vandals, Circle Jerks, China White, The Minutemen, X, The Controllers, Social Unrest, UXA, Red Cross, Wasted Youth, Meat Puppets, Saccharine Trust, Social Distortion, D.O.A, Urinals and Husker Du
Cornell University Libraries
Flyers, posters, magazines, files, and 'zines relating to American punk and post-punk music and culture in the 1980s and 1990s assembled or created by Aaron Cometbus. The collection documents a broad cross-section of punk band performances and activities, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s, including his own activities as a writer and musician. The archive includes several issues of his influential zine Cometbus, along with manuscripts or paste-ups for them. Cometbus includes band interviews, personal observations, artwork, and reflections on punk subculture in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond
State Library of Queensland
This donation contains photo negatives, a magnetic reel-to-reel tape, handbills and other ephemera relating to performances of Brisbane punk bands in the years 1983 and 1984, particularly those booked at the Australian National Hotel (the Aussie Nash) for which Kitty van Vuuren was a promoter
Stony Brook University Libraries
The collection consists of of items that document the Turmoil radio program; contents include correspondence, business files, sound recordings, magazines, fanzines, posters, broadsides, ephemera, textiles, and artifacts
Emory University - Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Collection
The collection consists of ten photographs by Glen E. Friedman from 1976-1988. There are pictures of skaters Jay Adams, Tony Alva, and Paul Constantineau skating in California. There are also photographs of punk bands Black Flag, Bad Brains, and Minor Threat, which were taken during concerts, as well as portraits of pioneering hip hop acts LL Cool J, RUN-DMC, the Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy. Unrestricted access
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
Kent Zimmerman -- (The Gavin report, Aug. 26, 1998) -- -- Ingrid Sischy -- (Interview, June 1996) -- -- Lisa Robinson -- (Spin, July 1996) -- -- Ben Edmonds -- (Mojo, Aug. 1996) -- -- Robert Yates -- (Q, Sept. 1996) -- -- Laurie Fitzpatrick -- (A & U, Nov. 1997) -- -- Fred Mills -- (Goldmine, Jan. 30, 1998)
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
Maxime de la Falaise McKendry -- (Andy Warhol's Interview, Feb. 1976) -- -- Lisa Robinson -- (New Musical Express, Feb. 21, 1976) -- -- (Punk, Mar. 1976) -- -- (Punk, Feb. 1977) -- -- David Koepp -- (Punk Rock, Dec. 1977) -- -- Cindy Black -- (New Wave Rock, Nov. 1978) -- -- Michael Snyder -- (Berkeley Barb, May 26-June 1, 1978) -- -- Charles M. Young -- (Rolling Stone, July 27, 1978)-- -- Paul Rambali -- (New Musical Express, Sept. 16, 1978
Michigan State University Libraries - Main Library
The collection consists of 102 fliers used to advertise the punk rock concerts and groups that appeared at The Farm
New York Public Library
The Stephen Donaldson Papers document the varied career and turbulent personal history of the writer, editor and activist
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
Debbie Geller -- (The history of rock, Aug. 12, 1983) -- -- Lynne Francek Urian -- (Goldmine, Sept. 9., 1988) -- -- Carlo Wolff -- (Goldmine, Sept. 9, 1988) -- -- Stephen Foehr -- (Shambhala sun, July 1996) -- -- Holly George-Warren -- (Option, July-Aug. 1996) -- -- Michael Kaplan -- (Time out New York, Mar. 5-12, 1998) -- -- Bruce Weber -- (Paris Vogue, Dec.-Jan. 1997) -- -- Bridget Foley -- (W, Jan. 1997)


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