Center for Jewish History
Correspondence in the 1920s-1930s with individuals and institutions relating to Schachewicz's life in Palestine, his contacts with scholarly and rabbinical personalities. Included are Rabbi A.I. Kook, Rabbi Z.Y. Kook, Histadrut Hamizrachi, Va'ad Hamoshava Gedera, General Bikur Cholim Hospital, Palestine Water Commission
Rice University
Letters from Alexander MacDonald to his wife, Margaret MacDonald, including information concerning land disputes and importation of goods to Texas; letters from James MacDonald, serving with a Texas regiment during the Civil War, to his mother, Margaret MacDonald; letters of condolence to Margaret MacDonald after James's death during the war; letters from other family members; wills; maps; documents; and books
State Library of Western Australia
"Thirty lots in this subdivision, with upset prices ranging from £60 to £100, will be offered for sale at the Department of Lands and Surveys, Cathedral Avenue, Perth, Wednesday, Dec. 8, 11 a.m.". Government auctioneer: Albert Clerk. For sale by Lands Dept., Perth
New York State Archives
The series consists of field books created by James Frost from 1811 to 1838 as he surveyed lands for individuals to help settle disputes over property boundaries or for appraisal. Frost was also hired periodically by New York State and worked under the direction of the State Surveyor General, for similar purposes
New York State Archives
This series consists of galley proofs of an advertisement for redemption of lands sold for non-payment of U.S. Direct Tax, pursuant to a law of 1804 -- Proofs have handwritten corrections indicating lands redeemed from the sale. There are fragmentary proofs for Cayuga, Herkimer, Montgomery, New York, Onondaga, Saratoga, and Schoharie Counties. There is also an account of Samuel Osgood, "supervisor in relation to lands sold within said state for the Direct Tax of the United States," giving names of collectors and counties, date of sales, number of lots sold, taxes and costs due, interest due, costs of redemption, total amount, number of lots redeemed, and cost of redemption
New York State Archives
The index, which was compiled and maintained by the Surveyor General's Office, provides the name of county, town, tracts, patents, and purchases
New York State Archives
This series consists of statements of mortgages starting June 1837, submitted to the Comptroller in January 1838 by the County Commissioners of the U.S. Deposit Fund -- Each statement lists name of mortgagor; residence; town or ward in which mortgaged premises is located; acres of land mortgaged; date and amount of mortgage; amount of interest paid to the Commissioners; compensation and expenses of the Commissioners; and interest paid to the Treasurer. Mortgage loans from the U.S. Deposit Fund commenced June 1, 1837, under a law of 1837
New York State Archives
These are records of persons who purchased and were deeded lands from the Holland Land Company -- Each table in the volumes apparently records sales from a particular geographic area and provides: name of purchaser; date; lot(s); sometimes, a number under the heading "S" (it is not clear what this refers to); township ('T'); range ('R'); acreage; purchase price; volume and page in "Deed Books" (refers to volumes in Holland Land Company Deed Books, but uses a volume numbering system no longer used); sometimes, a volume and page in "Mortgage Books" (not further identified); and occasional notes explaining a particular transaction. The volumes are labeled with one or more letters (e.g. Vol. 3--"W.T.") which are not explained but may refer to geographical areas covered in the volumes
New York State Archives
Writs of dower issued under seal of the Supreme Court ordered a sheriff to command the tenant of real estate to render unto the widow of its previous owner the one third dower right due to her, and to summon him to appear before the court if he refused to do so -- On the dorso of the writ is the sheriff's certificate of service upon the tenant and of proclamation of the summons at the door of the church nearest the property in dispute. The names of the two summoners are stated. The writ is usually a writ of dower "unde nil habet", "from which she has nothing," i.e., no part of her dower was delivered to her within the forty-day limit specified by law. The seldom-used writ of right of dower commanded a tenant to deliver the dower, part having been delivered. Besides these writs, this series includes one example each of a writ of a grand cape, ordering a sheriff to seize the dower share which the tenant has refused to yield up; and a report of commissioners in admeasurement of dower, ... Read More
New York State Archives
This is a volume of abstracts of patents granted for land in New York State providing: patentee's name; patent date; land location; land description; and acreage. Scattered throughout the volume are certifications, signed by Secretary of State Lewis A. Scott or his deputy secretary, stating that they had written the preceding abstracts and compared them with the originals in the Secretary's office. The certifications are all undated but must have been written between 1789 and 1793 when Scott was Secretary of State


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