United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Contains information on the activities of the Department Information and Press and its gathering of materials relating to the reorganization of Polish government and programs planned for territory to be recovered at the end of World War II. Includes information about reorganization of industry, economic systems, education, school systems, and real estate and property in recovered territories. Also contains information about Polish public opinion during the German occupation, germanization of Poles, surveys of the German press, and plans for restructuring government and programs in Pomerania
Montana State University - Special Collections and Archives
Yerrington's essay concerns the disposition of land whose ownership reverted to county governments as a result of the previous owner's failure to pay property taxes. As a result of the "bust" of homesteading claims in eastern Montana starting around 1918, significant acreage had become abandoned when farmers could no longer afford to either pay their taxes or even stay on the land. The management of these parcels fell to the county governments, and Yerrington's essay proposes solutions to the problem as well as its detailed description
Sons of the Revolution in the State of California - American Heritage Library
"Article of agreement indented, made, and concluded this tenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifteen by and between Seth Billington of Wayne ... and Moses Frost. Seth Billington, in consideration of the sum of three hundred dollars to be paid as hereafter mentioned ... is granted a part of lot numbered one hundred seventy nine, being a part of the same which was granted by the Plymouth Company to the trustees of Monmouth Academy, it being the south fifty acres of the said half lot ...".
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire - Special Collections and Archives
Record of land sold for delinquent taxes showing land description, location, date of sale, year for which tax was delinquent, amount sold for, and explanation (i.e. redeemed, deeded, cancelled, illegal, etc.). The series also includes city and village plats and volumes for tax sales within cities and villages, 1914-1937
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire - Special Collections and Archives
Tax rolls for real and personal property indicating land ownership and providing a description of taxable real estate, valuation of each parcel, taxes due, and a record of the payment of taxes. Also includes valuations, taxes due, and taxes paid for personal property in many of the volumes
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire - Special Collections and Archives
Record of taxable real estate and personal property in the City of Eau Claire and the taxes levied on it showing to whom assessed, location, valuation and date of payment
History Colorado
Contains business and legal records related to Long's real estate holdings in Adams and Arapahoe county
History Colorado
Collection consists of one certificate of ownership of O.D. Cass for two lots in northwest Denver, Colorado
Utah State Historical Society
Recollections of life in Nauvoo, Illinios, 1840-47, overland journey to Utah in 1847, and life in Salt Lake City to 1856. Includes copy of "Great Salt Lake City, Plat A," (ca. 100pp.).
Mystic Seaport Museum
Papers relating to the New York shipping interests and western land speculation of the Wakeman family, including Jesup Wakeman and his sons Maurice and Zalmon -- Chiefly papers relating to the economics of 30 voyages between New York, Savannah, Ga., and Galveston, Tex., by Zalmon's bark TEXAS, 1848-1852, including Zalmon's daybook for every voyage; freight lists, bills of lading, and disbursements for nearly every voyage; and a representative sample of articles of agreement, marine insurance policies, accounts, and other miscellaneous receipts, bills, etc., as well as smaller amount of similar material for Zalmon's brig EMPIRE, 1847-1852. Also includes land deeds and transfers (ca. 1810) for property in Ohio and Illinois involving Jesup, Maurice, and Zalmon


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