State Library of Victoria
Includes correspondence, financial statements and bills of sale of steamships of the following names: Juan Ferrin, Formosa, Cingalese, Kate Tatham, Agnes, Bucephalus, Clitus, Argus, Darius, Euryalus, Fortunates, Gracchus, Hymettus, Itonus
University of Oregon
The collection (1888-1891) comprises records of the Vancouver Transportation Company of Portland, Or., and contains correspondence, invoices, statements, and two volumes of purser's reports. There are about eighty invoices and statements, and many are noteworthy for the intricate illustrations of the other companies, many of them from Oregon. The first volume of purser's reports is for the Lurline, and is dated July 2, 1888 to August 31, 1889. The second is for the Undine, and is dated June 26, 1889 to April 31, 1891
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Kendall Institute
Log/journal, kept by A.D. Dent (until he died Feb. 1895) and another keeper (unknown), relating to a whaling voyage to the North Atlantic Ocean -- Includes descriptions of types of whales seen or taken, death at sea, punishment on ship, shipboard medicine, stowaways, and problems relating to ship's navigation due to a faulty chronometer; and whale drawings, a newspaper photo, list of provisions used, inventories of whale oil and bone, and a list of the ship's captains and agents. Other places represented include Faial, Cape Verde, and Barbados
Portsmouth Athenaeum
Letters to shipowner and merchant Andrew B. Vennard, receipts, crew list, and other papers -- Includes contract between Thomas E. Oliver and William Fernald, Jr., for one/third of the Eagle for one voyage mastered by Simon Fernald
Nantucket Historical Association
Manuscript copy of log/journal (1788 Mar. 26-Aug. 3), keeper unknown, relating to a whaling voyage to Greenland and Charles Island (Santa María Island, Galapagos Islands); together with notes (1872 Feb. 3) by F.C. Sandford, concerning William Rotch, the whaling fleet at Dunkerque, William Mooers, William R. Rodman, Benjamin Rotch, Francis Rotch, and Joseph Rotch, merchants and shipowners, chiefly from Nantucket -- Persons represented include crew members of the Penelope: Elisha Folger, mate, Jonathan C. Briggs, Zenas Morslander, George Worth, Reuben Gardner, Asa Swift, William Thompston, and Calvin Gardner
Brick Store Museum
Miscellaneous materials of and/or relating to Chatman family members -- Includes letter (1960 Aug. 10) from Joseph T. Chatman, father of Janet Goedecke, relating to Kennebunkport shipowners; document relating to John W. Chatman's enrollment in the Civil War; receipt of Oliver Huff from the estate of Otho Chatman for funeral services and coffin and other documents relating to Otho Chatman; indenture, parties unnamed, regarding a business in Boston; information on ships; front page of the New York Herald (1918 Nov. 10) relating to the armistice of World War I; Boston and Maine Railroad ticket; small leatherbound book of household inventory; document regarding the Civil War enrollment of John W. Chatman; and stamp collection and Grand Lodge of Maine certificate (1887) of John Chatman
Maine Historical Society
Autograph letter signed from Sibley in Belfast, Me., to H.D. Brookman & Co., New York, N.Y., shipowners, relating to cargoes and indicating that there was no danger to commerce from Southern privateers
Maine Historical Society
Printed legal documents with annotations, issued at U.S. Court of Claims, regarding French spoliation claims by Robert Birrell and Peter Bryson, owners of the ship Venus
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Contains one black-and-white photographic print showing the tugboat George Shima (built 1912; tugboat) alongside Kongo (barge) at an unidentified pier, possibly in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, between 1912-1926. The collection also contains one documentary VHS videocassette with black-and-white footage of laborers performing various activities on George Shima's farm in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta region, including views of men loading sacks of potatoes onto a barge and scenes of a towboat pulling a barge. The video also contains footage of George Shima's three children, Taye, Togo, and Rindge, at their home in Berkeley, California. Dates refer to when the original photograph and film footage was taken. The items in this collection are copies that were made much later than when the originals were created
Nantucket Historical Association
Whaling vessel, out of Nantucket, Mass., mastered by Peter C. Brock; owner: Joseph Starbuck; in 1858 involved in collision in Hawaii