University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Scope and Contents Emmanuel H. Brandt Collection including correspondence, canceled checks, bills of lading, lists of prices current, Archangel export lists, contracts, charter party papers, insurance agreements and inventories.�  The incoming & outgoing business letters of E. H. Brandt in London include correspondence with Halls & Todd of Hull, William Brandt & Company of Archangel, Livio Brothers of St. Petersburg, Friedrich Oldekop of Archangel, Ramsay Williamson & Co. of Leith, Meuron & Company of Lisbon, Mollwo & Sohn of St. Petersburg, Bausch & Co. of Hamburg, March Brothers & Co. of Hamburg and March Brothers & Co. of Rio de Janiero.�  The papers include checks drawn on the houses of Baring, Stieglitz & Rothschild; information on shipping, insurance & litigation; packets containing consular reports; Russian naturalization papers; French passports & a book on the exploration of Novaya Zemlya, which had been funded by William Brandt.�  By 1807, Emmanuel H. Brandt ... Read More
University of Florida - George A. Smathers Libraries
Correspondence -- This item is a letter from John Hathorne, dated April 9, 1806
The Mariners' Museum Library
133 bills of lading dated 1858 to 1865, to or from Charles P. Leverick of New York
State University of New York Albany
Contains business records and correspondence kept as captain of the coastal schooners Jennie F. Wiley and Carrie Walker
Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
The records consist primarily of account books for the various Stockley enterprises, recording shipments of grain, barley and hides between Delaware and Philadelphia
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Materials, researched by Don J. Woods, documenting individuals involved in Lake Erie shipping and shipbuilding in Sandusky, Ohio, including biographical sketches, vessel registers, censuses, and estate records, identifying over 250 individuals -- Persons and businesses represented included John E. Monk, Elizabeth Merry, R.K. Hubbard, Henry K. Fordham, Thomas J. Ball, Moss Brothers and Merry (1860s), Sandusky Dry Dock Company, Pouliot Boat and Power Company (1904-1906), Lake Erie Dry Dock and Mill Company (1906-ca. 1933), and Lake Erie Dry Dock and Engineering Company (1918)
Newberry Library
Dispatches, dated July 2-3, 1805 in Montevideo, from Pasqual Ruiz Huidobro, commander of the navy in the Río de la Plata, to Francisco Gil de Lemus, concerning the arrival in the port of Montevideo of two cargo ships belonging to the Real Compañía de Filipinas -- In his dispatch of July 2, 1805, Ruiz Huidobro informs Gil de Lemus that the ship "Princesa de Asturias," which left Tranquebar, India on Dec. 23, 1804 under the command of Domingo Navarro, has anchored in Montevideo after learning from the captain of the American ship "La Confianza" that Spain and England were officially at war. Capt. Navarro sought the safety of Montevideo in order to protect his valuable cargo of elephant teeth, cotton, cane, and cloves from possible attacks by the English. The July 3 dispatch concerns the "Santo Domingo," also owned by the Compañía de Filipinas. Under the command of Juan Latre, the ship left Cádiz on May 3, 1804 for the Far East, where she took on valuable cargoes in Manila ... Read More
Gloucester Archives
Information on vessels using the port of Gloucester, Mass., including date built, where built, and by whom; length, beam and depth, and tonnage, both gross and net; owners' name and town or city of owner; horsepower; and gas or oil; together with separate file of 15 cards of with owners and names of "real" Gloucester vessels -- Includes information concerning vessels lost, crew lost and saved, disposition of vessels, and fish landings
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Kendall Institute
Log, keeper unknown, relating to shipping voyages -- Includes description of dolphins seen; cargo including copper ore and quick silver; and ports of call at San Francisco, Liverpool, New York, Rangoon, Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, and Cork
New London County Historical Society
Instructions from Aaron Lopez, Newport, R.I., to Capt. Ebenezer Shearman, about to sail to Jamaica, on sloop Sally, relating to selling of cargo, buying rum and pimentoes, delivering money and freight to Capt. Benjamin Wright to take to London, and mention of Captain Hefferman