Maine Historical Society
Correspondence, pertaining to the bas-relief of Horatio Stebbins, presented to the First Parish of Portland -- Includes correspondence about the identification of initials on the Deane silver tankard
New London County Historical Society
Subscriber's list for 1816, one silver watch, dated North Stonington, 20 Aug. 1816, signed by Joseph Utley -- List relates to taxation in North Stonington
Senator John Heinz History Center
Collection includes photographs and newspaper clippings regarding the George C. McMurtry Bowl
New-York Historical Society
Account book of A. C. Benedict & Co., signed by William J. Davis
Columbia University
Childhood in Finland; education at the Goldsmith School in Helsinki, Georg Jensen's Silversmiths workshop in Denmark, and Cranbrook Academy of Art; discussion of teaching and awards received; silversmithing techniques and comparison with goldsmithing; discussion of contemporary metalsmithing as art
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
These volumes were set up for Potter to record the number of hours he worked and his wages on a daily and weekly basis. Each year he calculated his average weekly income. For many of the weeks, Potter made annotations such things as: the workload at the engraving bench, changes in management and co-workers, holidays or other reasons for not working a full week, company activities in general, social activities, and visits with friends and family. Potter also kept newspaper clippings pertaining to the Oneida Silverware Co. and its 1901 takeover by Wm. A. Rogers, Ltd. after going into receivership. Clippings on the Rogers firm, with comments from Potter, relate to rumors of a company move to Niagara Falls from 1902 until the actual move in 1911, several management-labor confrontations leading up to efforts to unionize the plant and a strike. In particular, Potter reacted to efforts of plant manager, Frederick C. Westfall, to prevent the formation of a local union chapter. Volumes for ... Read More
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Records daily transactions relating to selling and repairing hardware and jewelry. A variety of items is represented, such as lamps, candlesticks, tea caddies, buttons, gilt wire, opera glasses, spy glasses, buckles, spoons, knives, forks, files, drills, rings, necklaces, earrings, chains, clock faces and hands, chapes, and watches. Gold and silver were purchased as an account with the heading "Old gold and silver" was kept. References are made to a watch shop. Among the customers of the firm were other merchants who often bought objects in large quantities and several silversmiths, including John Pearson, Simon Bagley, Ephraim Brasher, James Byrne, Samuel Cady, William Forbes, Hugh Wishart, and Daniel Van Voorhis. William Robinson, the engraver, bought tools and supplies as did John Ramge. Henry Dobbs of "watch shop" and Effingham Embree bought clock faces, glasses, and gilt clock hands as well as springs
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Folder contains photographs and information sheets related to a strainer
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Folder contains photographs and information sheets related to items including a cup, creamer and sugar bowl, and flatware. Photographs of touchmarks are also present
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Folder contains photographs and information sheets related to a secretary's jewel, a ladle, spoons, and spoons attributed to Duncan Beard. Photographs of touchmarks are also present