Hightstown-East Windsor Historical Society
Photographs, slides, and postcards from the Hightstown-East Windsor Township, N.J., area -- Subjects include American Legion Post 148; dwellings; floods; parades; Lillian Smith Albert and her son, Alphaeus Albert, Jr. (1942); David and Walter Cole on a hunting outing (ca. 1890-1900?); "Colonial" costume ball (ca. 1910); citizens and buildings in Etra, N.J.; Decker's Dairy (ca. 1930s); members of the Ely and Davison families; Engine Co. No. 1, Hightstown (1953 and n.d.); railroad stations; schools; churches; parachute training by the U.S. Marines; state treasurer Rescarrick M. Smith; Scheible's Railroad Hotel (Railroad House Hotel); Dr. George E. Titus and his family; Union Transportation Company trains; various residents (some unidentified); three-legged calf (1895); and John and Mary Winiarski in their store on North Main Street. Includes pictorial collage of Hightstown (1879) published in the New York Daily Graphic; and Hightstown Gazette engraved photos mounted on wood blocks (3 ... Read More
Historical Society of Princeton
Papers on the history of Harrison and Ewing streets, Princeton, N.J., presented as a specially appointed committee report at the regular meeting of the Historical Society of Princeton, 20 Nov. 1950 by Miss Genevieve Cobb, Dr. Henry L. Savage, and Grace Lucile Olmstead Mershon, including brief histories of Harrison and Ewing streets and correspondence with Princeton Borough officials relating to the committee and its report
Lawrence Public Library
Large quantities of plans from the City Engineer's Office came into the Lawrence Public Library in the summer of 2009. These sidewalk plans were found in the map cases and were removed to archival boxes. There are four folios of drawings: a, b, c, and d; a and b are in box 1 and c and d are in box 2. There are 528 hand drawn plans in this collection. Most measure 9 x 14 inches although some are folded once or twice and are consequently longer. They contain drawings of sidewalk plans often show elevations and other details. Information ususally included: street, streets that intersect, side of the street paved, date of hearing held, and cost assessment
Lawrence Public Library
These maps are printed maps from various years with writing and coloring added to explain a particular feature. The original map performs as a template to make an original map -- Topics represented includes wards in the city, streets in the city, census and zoning maps, and related material regarding the layout of the city
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, maps, drawing, financial records, newspaper clippings, and other printed materials, relating to the project, Bridge of Lions, Bay Street, and the bay area
Gloucester Archives
Report of Committee on Streets (1877) lists 226 street names and makes recommendation that street signs be erected -- Handwritten lists of streets by ward which include street names and street numbers, brief building description, and names of occupants and owners
Thomas Balch Library
The majority of the approximately 170 postcards in the collection fall between 1901 and World War I and are Undivided Back or early Divided Back cards. The bulk of the remaining postcards fall between World War I and the end of World War II, including several examples of linen paper cards. The remaining postcards are Photochrome cards from the 1970s or 1980s. The primary subject matter of the postcards is scenes from around Loudoun County, although there are images from surrounding Virginia counties and several cards related to Harpers Ferry, W. Va. Buildings, images of nature, and well-known streets figure prominently. Leesburg is the location most covered, including many images of Market Street, King Street, and the Loudoun County Courthouse. A smaller group features historic memorabilia postcards. The final subseries contains a number of portrait cards, both identified and unidentified, dating from ca. 1901 to World War I.
Lancaster County Historical Society
Eight bound volumes and 2 file folders of records kept by the Street Committee and the Mayor's Office regarding street repairs, surveys, appropriations, contracts, and other information -- Includes street index to records of regulations with descriptions of property lines relative to streets and alleys in Lancaster (1848-1849), arranged alphabetically by street name, containing names of property owners; record of damages and amounts paid by county to city residents during construction and extension of streets beyond city limits (1854-1860); Street Committee appropriations (1 v., 1 file folder, 1874-1888) with amounts appropriated for street repairs, arranged chronologically; Street Committee minutes (1874-1888); Street Committee minutes (1888-1898); Street Committee minutes (1898-1914); Street Committee minutes (1 v., 1 folder, 1914-1925); Street Department accounts (1901-1905), containing names of contractors or vendors hired for repairs, along with nature of work performed and ... Read More
Seattle Municipal Archives
Includes annual message on the state of the city, vetoes, proposed charter amendments, and various communications to the city council -- Subjects include street improvements and charter amendments
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Official records, closely following original series and folder organization, documenting the agency's administration of its Main Avenue project. Meeting minutes also relate to the period of its first urban renewal project, Fourth Street (ND R-1), containing official forms and other documents. Correspondence arranged chronologically, with several subseries, including U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (Regions V and VIII), and Fargo mayor, Herschel Lashkowitz. Appraisals include data presented by Patchkin Appraisals, Inc., Arthur A. Hagen (Grand Forks, N.D.), and other firms, and photos of each building in the project area. Includes documentation relating to agency directors, Earl Stewart, M. Danny Wall, and Peter C. VandenBurg, and properties owned by Fargo Foundry Co. (later Fargo Foundry Steel & Manufacturing Co.), Fargo Gateway Center (proposed shopping center), and others