University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of materials collected by "friends" from former students at the Lucy Cobb Institute in Athens, Georgia. Included is a diary of Edna Pope from 1893, 2 letters, a card, and a photo of Pope; editions of "Nods and Becks" from 1900-1902; a diploma to Queen Elizabeth Holden dated 2 June 1919; six issues of "The Lightning Bug" from November and December 1925 and January-May of 1926 and a bound notebook that supposedly belonged to Montine Shackelford with comings and goings at Lucy Cobb and writings circa 1894. The collection also includes letters from Mildred Rutherford along with letters and writings from other Lucy Cobb Institute students
Minnesota Historical Society
Clerk's books (1928-1940), treasurer's books (1922-1941), school board minutes (1962-1971), school board meeting files (1943-1953), salary schedules (1960-1970), budgets and audit reports (1941-1971), teachers' term and annual reports (1924-1935), school censuses (1923-1939), teacher handbooks (1955, 1970), high school student handbooks (1967-1971), newsletter "Twang" (1970-1971), student council records (1963-1979), Girls' Athletic Association minutes (1964-1969), PTA records (1947-1969), and miscellany
Minnesota Historical Society
Sunnyside Press (1939)
Minnesota Historical Society
School history (ca. 1974), newspapers (1922-1974), Principal Grace Waufle's notebook with examination samples (1902-1912, 1917, 1935), news clippings (1936-1954), payroll savings bonds (1940s) and Red Cross War Fund (1943-1945) certificates, school patrol book (1948-1950), directories (1956-1959, 1970-1974), staff Sunshine Club ledger (1959-1980), operating policies and procedures (1965-1966, 1973-1974), science fair papers (1973-1974), Founders' Day Open House materials (1974), photographs and slides (1904-1967), and PTA records (1921-1974)
Minnesota Historical Society
Minutes (1886-1965, 1968-1980); financial records (1912-1981); census (1913-1936, 1974-1975); attendance registers (1952-1955); building appraisals (1955-1967, scattered); library accession record (1901-1953); extracurricular financial records (1917-1944); citizen's (1960) and recreation (1946-1964) committees records; consolidation materials (1950-1966); district scrapbooks (1948-1953); junior high school newsletter The Chatterbox (1939-1941); and studies and programs (1948-1971) dealing with the proposed district, building program, bonds, and planning
Minnesota Historical Society
Clerk's registers of the high school fund (1953-1986), audit reports (1956, 1958, 1978, 1979) and miscellaneous financial records (1949-1967), school board agenda materials (1946-1969), school election poll lists (1948-1956), student handbooks (1949-1969) and newspaper, Wildcat Tales (1969-1975, scattered), attendance registers (1903-1922), school census (1942-1979), PTA minutes (1957-1973), and teacher's records, including contracts (1972-1976, 1980-1985), handbooks (1946-1974), and qualification record cards (ca. 1920-ca. 1980)
Minnesota Historical Society
Includes compilations of student poetry and prose, records relating to the Fillmore County School Survey Committee records relating to school district history, lists of teachers and school district officers, an eighth grade promotion list (1950), a student newsletter "Scotland messenger" (1954, possibly from School District No. 46), and assorted miscellany
Massachusetts Historical Society
Hectograph copies of student newsletters entitled "Charles Street Chronicles" printed at Miss Hersey's School in Boston, Mass., Dec. 1885-April 1886. The newsletters include articles written by Alice Lowell (later Ropes), Edith Forbes (later Webster), Elise Cabot (later Forbes), Katherine Bowditch (later Codman), Mary Russell (later Amory) and other girls. Also includes manuscript annotations provided by Alice Lowell Ropes
Cornell University Libraries
Volumes 1-2, 3, and 4 of THE COLUMNS, 1926-1931. Also includes a volume of Bylaws and Minutes of General Board Meetings of the Cornell Columns, Inc., 1926-1931
University of West Florida,-- Special Collections Dept
Personal papers including photocopies of the Pensacola High School Tattler (1918-1919), photocopies of early Pensacola postcards and photographs, oral history tapes with Mrs. Johnson, and other related materials


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