National Library of Australia
Scrapbooks assembled between 1924 and 1932 relating to press coverage of opera in Australia providing a detailed look at Australian society and music, the various enterprises, the singers and players, couture, gossip and satire. Includes a record for the Melba-Williamson seasons and related events in 1924, Melba's career, her public image and skills as an entrepreneur. Includes profiles of individual artists, public reception and promotion, ticket sales, venues and coverage to the wireless broadcast of opera in Australia and the ongoing debate concerning a national opera. Includes the rivalry between Fuller and Tait over opera production, the courtship and marriage of Toti dal Monte, the cost of opera and the value of theatre real estate. Includes satirical popular press and the serious musical reviews. The pictorial component includes various aspects of press photography and a broad array of work by the black and white press artists of the day
National Library of Australia
Texas Tech University - Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library
Includes financial material relating to the 1947 season of the Marion McKennon Dramatic Players which largely took place in West Texas. Of particular interest, a payroll ledger which lists the salaries of performers
Texas Tech University - Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library
Scrapbook - Consists of photocopied materials relating to tent shows, compiled by Orville Starnes. Contains articles on Toby shows, Drama Theory, Melodrama, and Playbills. Also a list of tent shows available for production. Includes 2 bibliographies from thesis on Toby shows
University of California, Irvine
Refugee Nation is a national theatre project written and performed by Leilani Chan and Ova Saopeng, based on the stories of Laotian refugees and their descendants living in the United States. This collection includes video recordings (4 DVDs) of Refugee Nation performances and interviews, programs, advertisements, clippings, and brochures
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
A collection of photographs and ephemera of California Missions, collected by Southern California educator Connie Rothstein, with an emphasis on the San Gabriel Mission, the history of the city of San Gabriel, and the production of "The Mission Play" by John Steven McGroarty. The collection also includes late-19th and early-20th century photographs of Los Angeles and Southern California, and postcards and ephemera related to the Southern California region. Notable in the collection are 391 stereographs of missions and Los Angeles, including some by photographers William Godfrey and H. T. Payne, A. C. Varela, and Carleton Watkins. All of the California Missions are represented in the collection, plus the "sub-missions" or Asistencias of California. The mission photographs include many unusual views and details, and are a mixture of snapshots made by tourists and commercial photographs. There are many views in and around Southern California, most dating from 1880s-1920s, by various ... Read More
New-York Historical Society
Diaries kept by Dunlap for the periods May 20-July 26, 1797; July 27-Dec. 13, 1797; Dec. 14, 1797-June 1, 1798; Oct. 15, 1819-April 27, 1820; and June 26, 1833-Dec. 26, 1834. Dunlap's interests and activities touched almost every phase of the intellectual, cultural, and aesthetic life of the United States during that time. He notes daily activities, copies letters and legal agreements, enters accounts, drafts works of literature, and makes notes on theater history and design history for two books which were eventually published. Some volumes include pencil or ink sketches; there is also one watercolor -- Topics covered in these scattered volumes include 1797-1798, Dunlap's work as a theater manager including the Old American Company of Comedians at John Street Theatre and his partnership with John Hodgkinson managing the Park Theatre (a.k.a. the New Theatre); 1819-1820, his attempts to earn a living as as a portrait painter and his establishment of a reasonably successful studio in ... Read More
New-York Historical Society
Miscellaneous historical material on towns and regions within Pennsylvania as well as the state itself. Includes a set of leaflets on the history of theatrical entertainments in York County; some items on local economic conditions. Consists of booklets, leaflets, newsletters, clippings and pictures mainly from the mid-19th century through the mid-20th century
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, diaries, account books, prints, photographs, genealogical materials, histories, newspaper clippings, newspapers, and other materials, reflecting the history of the town of Cohasset, Mass., which was incorporated as a district in 1770. Includes maps, charts, ships logs, and business records relating to the area's maritime history; programs, posters, clippings, and other papers concerning the town's theatrical history and its professional theater companies; and records of the Cohasset Historical Society
University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of 416 different theatrical portraits and theatrical scenes, mostly of 18th century - early 19th century British origin. Pieces are taken from early editions of play magazines, newspapers, books, and portfolios. Specific names are available in the accession folder


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