Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives
Separate Baptists [manuscript], 1934 -- History of Concord Association of Middle Tennessee Baptists, 1910 -- Letter to Mrs. Julian Cooksey, 1938 -- Fifty-one years in the ministry, by John T. Oakley -- Some facts and truths, 1938 -- Second booklet on tithing, 1936 -- The Bible and history on the tithe system -- Third booklet on tithing, 1938 -- Two dispensations as recorded in the Bible, 1936 -- The tithe : the middle link between church and state, 1936 -- Relation of man and salvation, 1938 -- Rightly dividing the Word that each may learn and know the truth -- Observance of the religious days -- The Bible on the final destiney of the human race -- Why am I a Baptists? -- Salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer -- The Championship of the Bible and Baptists, 1939 -- Brief review of the sermons of N.B. Hardeman, 1928 -- New birth vs. regeneration -- Discussion on alien immersion, 1937 -- Review of Dr. Brents on hereditary depravity -- Baptist handbook, 1919 -- Why baptism? ... Read More
Ohio State University
In five chapters. Brief indication of contents preceding each chapter with information on how many verses each chapter contains. The first chapter and the beginning of the second are missing (total of 5 quires lacking). The third begins on leaf 31a (1654 verses), the fourth on leaf 98a (1190 verses), the fifth on leaf 136a (2330 verses). Leaf 143a, a table showing three concentric circles (green, blue and red) further divided to represent graphically the four elements of the human body. Inscription on leaf 50b, denoting location. Several inscriptions and various scribblings inside the back cover, one with a date and another, by the same person (who obviously travelled to Levii︠u︡), "to the evil and merciless land and to our holy Hilandar Monastery and to priest I︠a︡kov". Ornamented headings
Ohio State University
Miscellany with St. John Chrysostom's Homily on the rising of Lazarus from the dead on leaf 55a, Homily on the Annunciation on leaf 63a and Homily on New Year's Day on leaf 85a. Leaf 74a, Homily on the Transfiguration by St. Ephraem Syrus. Leaf 88a, life ("zhitie i zhizn") of St. Zosimas. Leaf 102a, the Dormition ("Uspenie") of the Theotokos by St. John the Theologian. Leaf 123a, Dialogue of the Body and the Soul. Incomplete (some leaves in the beginning and the end are missing). The manuscript was trimmed, probably at the time of binding, partly cutting off the marginal remarks. Illegible inscription and an erased inscription inside the back cover. Inscription in the top margin on leaf 202a, denoting the location of the manuscript (but not definite). Ornamented headings and initials
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Theological treatise
Wheaton College - Buswell Library
The bulk of this collection came from David McCasland, who is the author of Abandoned to God, a biography of Oswald Chambers. Best known as the author of My Utmost for His Highest, the Reverend Oswald Chambers was an evangelist throughout the United Kingdom, America and Japan. In 1915 he traveled to Egypt to work with the YMCA in Zeitoun ministering to soldiers there. It was here that he suffered from an attack of appendicitis that ultimately took his life. It is to his wife Biddy Chambers that we owe the publication of his works. It is through her meticulous notes on Oswald's various talks and sermons that we are able to read the words of this great man. The bulk of the collection is material gathered during McCasland's research. The majority of that research deals with each of Oswald Chambers' published works, the individuals connected with the Chambers' and Oswald and Biddy's time in Egypt. The notes and diaries of Eva Spink, a student during Oswald's time at the Bible Training ... Read More
Point Loma Nazarene University - Ryan Library
Ohio State University
Translation from Greek of 9 homilies St. Basil the Great on the six days of creation, with numerous marginal glosses. Leaf 103a, Epistle to Archbishop Peter on the "image of man" by St. Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa, in thirty-one captions with the description of their contents. Leaf 181a, additional texts by Clement and various other church fathers. Without inscriptions. Ornamented heading and initials
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary - Roberts Library
Wheaton College - Buswell Library
Dr. Alan G. Padgett, Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Azusa Pacific University and a United Methodist, delivers a lecture about what it means that humans are made in the image of God. In Genesis 1:26-31 he finds a three-fold relationship established between God, earth, and others. In Genesis 3:1-24 this relationship is broken. Padgett then discusses I Corinthians 11:7-16 as Paul deals with this relationship in its New Testament context. Padgett's remarks are very affirming for single people


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